Creatrip: BRING GREEN Carrot Vita Toner Pad (60 sheets)

Carrot Vita Toner Pad

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Product Highlights

  • Refreshing vitamin-rich carrot toner pads.
  • Contains 3% carrot extract to create hydrated and vibrant skin.
  • Gently wipe the moisture into the pores and instantly help the skin balance oil and water.
  • Choose between 100 sheets or 60 sheets.

Product Details

  • One container has 60 sheets or 100 sheets.
  • Mild ingredients are specially formulated for sensitive skin, with its main ingredient being carrot which is good for anti-aging to create soft and radiant skin.
  • Thoroughly remove any remaining dirt or makeup after cleansing and helps prep the skin for absorption.
  • Effectively moisturizes and brightens the skin's complexion for a healthy glow.
  • After cleansing, use the textured surface to wipe your face and then turn it over to the smooth surface and wipe again. 
  • Remember to always keep the jar closed to prevent drying out.
  • Expiration Date: We guarantee this product is good for at least 1 year from the date you receive this product.

Capacity60 sheets, 100 sheets
IngredientsCarrot extract, vitamin tree fruit extract, orange peel essential oil, etc

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