Creatrip: Lee Small Twitch Overfit Hoodie

Small Twitch Overfit Hoodie (Dark Green)

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    Product Highlights

    • Unisex over-fit hoodie with the brand's logo Lee on the chest.
    • In addition to the classic shade grey and black, dark green has been added as a new shade.
    • Widely-loved design for its simplicity, perfect layering material.
    • Fits loose and comfortable.

    Product Details

    • Popular minimal Lee logo on the chest.
    • 100% cotton material which makes it warm and comfortable.
    • Comes in three colors, so you can pick according to your preference.
    • The dark green is the newest addition and is popular for its uniqueness. 
    • Please refer to the sizing chart below to determine the best fit for you.


    Dark Green

    Sizing Guide

    • Please note that once your order is placed you are unable to change sizes or color.
    • Line-dry and turn hoodie inside-out when washing.
    • Made with 100% cotton.
    • Please allow a slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement.
    Shoulder Width62646668
    Chest Width62646668
    Sleeve Length56575859
    Total Length64666870


    All units (cm)

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