Creatrip: SONGHWA Choco Light Blanket

Choco Light Blanket (White)

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    If you notice any damages or issues with your received product, please contact customer service within a week.

    Product highlights

    • Made of soft and warm 60 modals, made from spinning beech tree cellulose, the microfiber is light and dust mite resistant.
    • Through a high-temperature washing process during product manufacture, any dirt or impurities are removed and sanitized
    • Adorable coffee-colored bear design imprint which makes the blanket comfortable and simple. 
    • A clean white color that will brighten up your bedroom.

    Product Details

    • Made of carefully selected 60 modal materials, the blanket is comfortable and soft.
    • Composed of antibacterial and anti-dust mite polyester fibers, which don't irritate your skin.
    • Keeps you warm during the colder months, but it's also suitable during humid months as it absorbs water well.
    • Popular and cute bear design imprinted on the eblanket.
    • Once you place your order, it needs to be manufactured and vacuum compressed before delivery. This process and delivery may take up to three-four weeks.
    • The blanket can be washed with water and air-dried. But in order to prevent any damages in the wash, we recommend taking it to the dry cleaners.
    • Putting it in the dryer may damage the fibers and generate static electricity.
    • Can also purchase a matching pillowcase. The mattress is not for sale.
    • Please note that once your order is placed you cannot change the options.



    SizeSingle: 150*205(±5cm)
    Pillow case: 50*70(±3cm)
    MaterialOuter layer: 60 modal
    Inner: Antibacterial polyester fiber

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