BBLAB Low Molecular Collagen (30 sticks)
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    Product Info

    Product Highlights

    • Endorsed by Yoona of Girls' Generation, the BBLAB Low Molecular Collagen is a hot selling item in Korea.
    • Contains low molecular fish collagen that quickly absorbs into your body and replenishes with rich nutrients to give you a beautiful glow from within.
    • A sweet and sour mix berry flavor that's delicious to consume.
    • Have 1 stick before sleep to give you a beautiful glow the next day.
    • Easy to carry around and consume without water.

    Product Details

    • One container contains 30 sticks.
    • Consume one stick per day.
    • Gives you a beautiful glow inside and out.
    • Contains various ingredients that are crucial for your skin care and health.
    • Maintain skin firmness, nourish your hair, and strengthen your bones.
    • Very delicious and nutritious.
    • Please refrain from consuming if you have any allergies to milk, soybean, corn starch, blueberry, and strawberry extract.

     2g*30 sticks
    IngredientsElastin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C/A, nicotinic acid amide, glycine, lactic acid bacteria mixed powder, dry yeast, etc
    Expiration Date We guarantee this product is good for at least six months from the date you receive this product.

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