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Frying Pan

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Product Highlights

  • FIKA kitchenware is inspired by the Swedish natural scenery and pursues minimalism.
  • Made of pure natural ingredients, it can make cooking safe and healthy.
  • The 5-layer ceramic coating has 6 times of non-stick effect.
  • Firm and reliable. You'll be reaching for this for all your meals!

Product Details

  • Comes in two options. 24cm or 28cm.
  • The brand hopes that you can enjoy your cooking process as much as you enjoy your meals.
  • A simple and practical design with a clean neutral toned color that will look gorgeous in your kitchen.
  • This product does not come with a lid.
  • Can be used on induction, gas, radiant, and electric heat.
  • Please wash thoroughly before use and dry them.
  • Do not put them in a microwave or dishwasher to avoid damage.

Capacity24cm: 765g
 28cm: 995g
Size24cm: 410*240*54mm
 28cm: 447*280*55mm
MaterialPot: Aluminum
Handle: Wood

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