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No Sebum Mineral Powder

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Product Highlights

  • Apply powder at the end of your makeup routine to help makeup last longer.
  • Helps remove excess oil during the day and keep your skin looking soft.
  • Cute travel-sized for when you're on the go and want to quickly correct your makeup.

Product Details

  • Affordable oil-control powder that's highly recommended by many makeup artists in South Korea.
  • Took the beauty world by storm and swept away many cosmetic awards in South Korea since its launch.
  • Helps remove excess oil on your face and helps your makeup last for longer hours.
  • Use the puff to gently dab the powder on your face or hair to help remove oil.
  • Expiration Date: We guarantee this product is good for at least 1 year from the date you receive this product.

IngredientsMint leaf extract, tea extract, mineral salts, etc
OriginSouth Korea

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