Creatrip: BIBIGO Beef Market Soup (500g)

Beef Market Soup (500g)

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Product Highlights

  • This product is loved by many! The rich and spicy flavors of this dish is delicious.
  • The flavors are deepened with the addition of vegetables like pickled radish, daikon, bean sprouts, green onions, etc.
  • A restaurant-quality soup you can prepare easily at home!
  • Easy to prepare and convenient to bring on the go like for camping.

Product Details

  • One bag is 500g.
  • How to prepare:
    • Microwave - Place contents into a microwave-safe dish. Cover and heat for about five minutes.
    • Stovetop - Pour contents into a pot and bring to a boil. Cook for about four to five minutes. You can add water to dilute to your taste preference.
    • In the bag - Bring a pot of water to a boil. Place the bag into the boiling water. Note, this bag can burst from pressure buildup so keep an eye out when using this option.

Ingredientsgreen onion, pickled radish, beef, etc
Expiration DateWe guarantee this product is good for at least two months after the date you receive this product.

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