K-Pop Idols Who Look Like Cute Animals

From hamsters to a quokka, these idols look just like animals! What does your fave idol look like?

Yujin Kim
a year ago

Some idols made headlines for reminding fans of cute animals when they look at their faces.

These idols' facial expressions and appearances remind us of a variety of animals, from dogs and cats to hamsters and quokkas!

First, you'll be surprised because they're so cute and then next, you'll be surprised because they look so similar! Let's see who made the list.


jennie, xiumin, yeji, krystal

Those who look like cats normally have large, round eyes and the ends of their eyes tilt upwards. As a result, upon first impression, people think their eyes look fierce.

But, when they smile, they'll take you by surprise with their cuteness and charm!

So, which idols resemble cats?


blackpink jennie, cat

EXO Xiumin

exo siumin, cat

F(x) Krystal

fx krystal, cat


itzy yeji, cat

Fox/Desert Fox

zico, minhyun, jisoo, i.nPeople who look like foxes have thinner, longer eyes than those who look like cat's, but their eyes are also turned upwards.

Let's find out which idols are said to look like foxes!


zico, fox

NU'EST Minhyun

nu'est minhyun, desert fox


lovelyz jisoo, fox


stray kids i.n, fox


Those who look like snakes have stronger eyes and more prominent cheekbones than the cat and fox appearances mentioned above.

They can give a strong impression, but their charismatic eyes and vibe are charming!

Please understand that we replaced the snake picture with the idol's picture because it was difficult to find individual snake pictures.



AESPA Karina

aespa karina

JBJ Kwon Hyun-bin

jbj kwon hyunbin


iu, baekhyun, jimin, kang daniel

Idols who look like dogs have more droopy eyes and round faces, making them look gentle.

The most well-known idols that look like dogs are IU, Baekhyun, Jimin, and Kang Daniel and they all have eyes that remind you of dogs.


iu dog

EXO Baekhyun

exo baekhyun, dog

BTS Jimin

bts jimin, dog

Kang Daniel

kang daniel dog


mingyu, taecyeon, sehun

Their eyes are more turned upwards than those who look like dogs and their faces are more angled, making them look manly.

These wolf-like idols with sharp gazes especially shine on stage!


seventeen mingyu, wolf

2PM Taecyeon

2pm taecyeon, wolf

EXO Sehun

exo sehun, wolf


jungkook, nayeon, doyoung, soobin

People who look like rabbits remind you of a cute rabbit with their bright eyes and mouths that slightly stick out.

Which idols have a cute and cuddly image like a rabbit?

BTS Jungkook

bts jungkook, rabbit

TWICE Nayeon

twice nayeon, rabbit

NCT Doyoung

nct doyoung, rabbit

TXT Soobin

txt soobin, rabbit


jr, moonbin, wonpil, jeno

People who look like dinosaurs have eyes that are more far apart or very prominent cheekbones, so their faces are diamond-shaped.

Idols who are said to look like dinosaurs include JR, Moonbin, Wonpil, and Jeno. All four remind us of cute baby dinosaurs!

Again, please understand that it was difficult to find individual pictures of dinosaurs to put in.


nu'est jr

ASTRO Moonbin

astro moonbin

DAY6 Wonpil

day6 wonpil

NCT Jeno

nct jeno


hoshi, kihyun, moonbyul, dohyon

The different animals mentioned above are real animal lookalike categories in Korean traditional phrenology.

The hamster category isn't included, but there are many idols who became a hot topic for resembling hamsters, so we decided to introduce them anyway!


seventeen hoshi, hamster


monsta x kihyun, hamster

MAMAMOO Moonbyul

mamamoo moonbyul, hamster

BAE173, X1 Dohyon

bae173, x1 dohyon

Unique Animals

Now, we'll introduce animals that are specific to one idol, not several idols that resemble the same animal.

Who are the idols that look like these unique animals?

BTS Jin - Quokka

bts jin, quokka

The Australian quokka is said to be the happiest animal in the world. It has a cute mouth shape and bright eyes, just like Jin!

EXO D.O. - Penguin

exo do, penguin

D.O., who has a round face and eyes, is famous for resembling a penguin.

In addition to his facial features, he usually doesn't dye his black hair and has light skin, so he looks even more like a penguin!

SEVENTEEN Woozi - Stingray

seventeen woozi, stingray

You've probably never heard of someone being told they look like a stingray!

Woozi has a unique nickname of being an idol who looks like a stingray with his half-moon shaped eyes and distinctive mouth shape when he smiles.

When the other members say a stingray on a reality program, they joked, "Oh! It's Woozi!"

IZ*ONE Yena - Duck

izone yena, duck

Lastly, it's IZ*ONE's Yena, who is famous for looking like a duck.

She has cute and thick lips like a duck. Fans even gave her the nickname "Duck Captain" (오리 대장)!

We've just taken a look at idols who resemble animals, from hamsters to quokkas.

Couldn't you see the similarities in the pictures?

Let us know if there's any other idols who you think look like animals!

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