The Uncanny Counter | Complete List of Filming Locations

The Uncanny Counter is amazing. One of the locations is in Suwon and we end in one of Seoul's beautiful cafe streets.

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The Uncanny Counter drama poster showing the four main protagonists like so mun played jo byung-gyu

The Korean drama, The Uncanny Counter was aired on OCN and has repeatedly bumped VOICE down in ratings. A first in OCN history, the drama hit a rating of 11%.

Although the drama finished, the production company already revealed the news of a second season.

Where is Eonni's Noodle shop located in the drama? And where are the classic scenes of The Uncanny Counter shot? We organized the list of locations for you to visit in person!


(This cafe is currently closed)
Address: 경기 수원시 팔달구 신풍로63번길 3-1

Hours: 11:00-23:00 (This cafe is currently closed)

A screenshot or screencap of the drama the uncanny counter with so mun at eonni's noodles

Eonni's Noodles, which is run by the Counters isn't actually a noodle shop in real life. It's actually a coffee shop in Suwon called Hanggong Mansion. You won't be able to get a chance to taste the food here. However, it'll be a cool visit to see their hideout!

the indoor set and location of eonni's noodles from korean drama the uncanny counter

I'm sure fans of The Uncanny Counter are interested in visiting the location of Counter's hideout, Eonni's Noodles. Hidden in a Suwon alley, there lies an entire street of cafes in the neighborhood, Haenggung-dong. At the cafe, you will see wooden decor in Japanese style.

scene of the uncanny counter where so mun interacts with the spiritual beyond or realm in front of eonni's noodles which is actually a cafe in suwon korea

Perhaps you'll find a real spiritual realm someplace near this cafe. Head to this cafe to see the original hideout of the drama. 

(This cafe is currently closed)


Location: 충남 태안군 원북면 신두리

dream scene or sequence with so mun in his dream where he meets wi-gen spirit of the korean drama the uncanny counter

In the first episode, So Mun settles into bed and has a strange dream. He awakes on a beach where he meets a spirit named Wi-Gen.

The fairytale-like scene was shot at Sinduri Beach in Taean-gun. The actual location really emulates a similar tone and color to the drama. With its calming atmosphere, come and take a look. 

in the korean drama uncanny counter so mun is having a dream and is in the middle of the beach in korea called sinduri beach


Location: 강원 원주시 시청로 1

drama scene of the uncanny counter with the major of jungjin which is a fictional city in korea

Jungjin is a fictional city and does not exist in Korea. However, the scene of Jungjin Mayor in real list is Wonju City Hall.

It is not a popular area, and it may be unfamiliar to most, but there is a fun attraction nearby. It is near the Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge (Ganhyeon Rocking Bridge). 

The Korean drama, It's Okay to Not Be Okay, was also filmed in this area. Later, I might write about a travel itinerary to Wonju!

the mayor of jungjin in the korean drama the uncanny counter where gets out of his car is filmed in wonju city hall


Location: 경기 남양주시 화도읍 구암리 17

Hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00

drama scene that shot in namyangju for the korean drama the uncanny counter

In Jungjin City, the mayor declares the development of a river. The river they use is the Bukhan River in Namyangju city. It's close to the Chuncheon Stream, which is also visible. 

the mayor of jungjin announce the development of river which is actually the bukhan river in namyangju city

Dongwha Culture Village is actually a facility where large scale conferences and weddings are held. If you stay here, then you'll wake up to the beautiful view of the Bukhan River. 

It's a great stay. I think anyone who has seen this drama should definitely come and visit. 

Dongwha culture village is also a popular destination for weddings and large scale conferences perfect for the korean drama the uncanny counter


Location: 서울 양천구 남부순환로64길 26

in west seoul lake park in yangcheon-gu so mun runs around the park

After regaining his ability to walk again, he excitedly runs through the park before class. He evens learns to do a little parkour.

Does the place look recognizable to you? Well, this is West Seoul Lake Pack in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. 

It's a recreational park for locals. Why not come and visit and pretend to run around like Mun?

The recreational park west seoul lake park so mun runs around and does parkour on his way to school

문래동 대덕철강

Location: 서울 영등포구 문래동3가 54-35

the uncanny counter ending scene where they fight against each other battling spirits

In the very last scene of The Uncanny Counter, the battle of the spirits begins with our four characters in a dark alleyway. This location seemed familiar to me. It happened to be Mullae-dong, which is where I used to live near.

This area is known for its steel factories and their local cafe street. Isn't it hard to imagine that this is where our ending scene filmed? 

using the power of counter and spirits the counter from the uncanny counter battles against the mayors group

It was originally an old steel mill, but many of the factories closed down now. Most places turned into hip cafes, and many young artists moved into the area.

Although the general city facilities are still not aesthetic, you can still find many cafes and a full young crowd during the holidays. 

Dramas like More Than Friends and Start-Up were also filmed near this area. 


Location: 경기 고양시 일산동구 정발산로 24

episode one of the uncanny counter located in western dom ilsan

There's a famous scene in the first episode where So Mun lights up like lightning because of the spirit, Wi-Gen. After gaining the power of Counter, his hair becomes super voluminous. Isn't his hair absolutely amazing? 

famous scene of the uncanny counter where so mun gloats and lights up light a lightning bolt because of the spirit wi-gen

In this scene, they're at Western Dom in Ilsan. It's a local business community in Gyeonggi-do. If you're a fan of Lee Jong-Suk, you'll also see the filming location of W.

DOOKKI Western Dom Branch
두끼 웨스턴돔점

Location: 경기 고양시 일산동구 정발산로 39

tteokbokki with sausage, korean spicy rice cake with melted cheese eaten by friends and so mun from korean drama the uncanny counter

In the first episode of the drama, So Mun and his friends eat at a tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) place in Western Dom. It might be a product placement scene. I have personally eaten this often, and it's cheap and delicious.

There are actually multiple locations outside of Korea as well. But I do recommend you to come to Korea to taste their tteokbokki.

Have a firsthand taste of their delicious and cheap food here.

so mun and his friends eating at a local spicy rice cake restaurant located in western dom ilsan south korea

Compared to other Korean drama that usually focuses on aesthetically-pleasing cafes, restaurants, and landscapes, The Uncanny Counter doesn't put too much effort into it.

It may not be the most "Instagrammable" places, but these are classic locations with authentic local vibes that make up this drama. 

We look forward to the second season and what will spark then!

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