2022 Spring Nail Art

These nails are the perfect way to welcome the new season!

Hongjoo Lee
a year ago

As the weather gets warmer, the days get longer and the flowers start to bloom, all the signs of spring are showing! We are excited and ready to welcome the new season with our whole body, including our fingertips! 

With the new season comes new trends in fashion and nails. Today we will introduce all the latest spring nail art trends! 

Classic One Color
깔끔한 원 컬러 네일 

Source: Minkyung Kang's Instagram, Vouge 

A classic look never goes out of style! These one-color nails never fail us. You can create a new aesthetic by choosing a trending color! For this spring, colors that are bold, yet feminine like pinks, corals, and blues are the perfect way to spice up your look. 

Colorful Mixed Nails
다채로운 컬러 믹스 네일 

Source: Han Ye Seul's Instagram 

For those that want to mix up things a little, consider adding a collection of colors to create a colorful mixed nail art! When the correct colors are put together, a fun and bright vibe can be created from your nails! Although the colors do not have to be the same, try to opt for those in a similar tone so that it creates a balanced look. 

Source: Joy, Hyoyeon's Instagram 

You can opt for created multiple colors on one finger like Girls Generation;s Hyoyeon. There is the 'half-and'half' style in which two different colors are applied to one nail and can create a unique look. 

However for those that do not want different colors on all fingers, you can opt for a style like Joy, where a few of the fingers are painted in varying colors!

French Tips
손톱 끝 포인트 네일 

Source: Hyoyeon, Aespa Instagram 

Not everyone is into flashy and intense nail styles! For those that want a subtle nail style, take advantage of the french tips trend that is going on right now. Many people spice up the original french nails by adding different colors like Hyoyeon, and shapes of their tips like Karina! It is also a great way to elongate your fingers, giving the appearance of a longer slimmer hand. 

Character Nails
캐릭터 네일 

Source: Yooa Instagram 

For a while now, cute character nails have become a popular option in Korea. There are various characters you can try out but the current popular ones in Korea are snoopy, the smiley face, butterflies and puppies. 

In the photo above, Yooa showed off her adorable teddy bear nails! Would you try out teddy bear nails like Yooa? 

Sparkling Nails
도깨비 네일

Source: Yoojung's Instagram 

On a sunny spring day, you can catch the sunlight and everyone's attention with these glittery and dazzling nails! Cosmic Girls' Eunseo and Weki Meki's Choi Yoojung showed off their fun and glittery matching nails! The soft pink and the glitter are the perfect way to express the flowers and sparkle of spring! 

Flower Nails

Source: Seolhyun's Instagram 

What better way to express the vibes of spring through flowers? Seolhyun of Aoa showed off her picture perfect nail art created using actual dried petals! She stated that she put the dried flower leaves in lovely ink colors such as pink, yellow, blue, and purple and created a cute new design! 🌸

We think that the fold leaf and the transparent color add to the luxurious and classy vibes of the nails. It creates a harmonious design. 

Heart Nails
하트 네일 

Source: Lee Yoo Mi's Instagram 

A lovely heart studded nail is the perfect way to add a fun and flirty vibe to your nails. You can opt for a cuter small pink hearts or you can have a larger red heart! We think that these heart nails look great on a warm and pink spring day. 💞

Marble Nails
마블 네일 

Source: Dashing Diva 

Calling all of you that want to give off a luxurious aesthetic!! When Suzy appeared sporting these beige nails with a beautiful marble style we went nuts! This is a beautiful way to make a simple look luxurious and to create a whole different vibe. Using pastel colors is the perfect way to spice this look up and make it perfect for the spring season! 

Jewel Nail
보석 네일 

 Source: Hyuna's Instagram 

Although Hyuna's beautiful engagement ring is the star of this picture, we also can't help but notice her beautiful nail style! Hyuna has been seen sporting a beautiful jewel style nail art. She carefully selected the jewels that she wanted on her fingers and generously placed them on all her fingers to create a flashy, yet beautiful style. The nail style matches her amazing ring perfectly! 

Glazed Glass Nail
글레이즈 유리 네일 

Source: Dashing Diva

The Glazed Glass nail style is a style that has been created by the famous press on nail brand Dashing Diva and nail artist Unistella. When the brand announced the new style, they did so with Jennie of BlackPink as the feature model in the advertisements. 

The glass nail reflects the light of various colors depending on the dangle of the dome shaped glaze that gets thicker towards the center, hence the name glazed glass! The best part is that these are an affordable option as anyone can buy the nail stickers from Dashing Diva and do it themselves! 

Drawing Nail
드로잉 네일 

Source: Ohora Nails

It has become a trend in Korea to buy a nail gel separately and apply it in the desired thickness and shape! You can draw lines, or wrap the line around your nail, or add a large drop to illuminate the look of a water droplet. There are so many different colors you can choose from such as transparent, black, and sparkle so you can create tons of different designs! 

This is really easy to do at home after a little bit of practice and in no time you will be creating your own fun spring nails at home! 😍

These are some fun and trending nail art styles in Korea this spring. Which ones are you going to try out? Let us know in the comments below! Also make sure to follow our Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook to stay updated on everything related to Korea and email us at help@creatrip.com if you have any other further questions!

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