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8 months ago

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In Korea, it's common for fans to show support to their favorite celebrities by sending coffee trucks. These coffee trucks can be sent by individual fans or organized fan clubs or groups. They are typically sent to the filming location where the celebrity is working, serving as a wonderful way to boost morale and support the entire team on set. When sending a coffee truck, it's common to include a photo and the name of the desired individual, as well as the name of the film, movie, or play being produced. A large quantity of coffee, tea, and other beverages is prepared to ensure that everyone, including the staff members on set, can enjoy the drinks. You also have the opportunity to send a coffee truck to your favorite celebrity through our services!

Celebrity Coffee Support Truck Service

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Why We Recommend It

Trying to get a coffee truck organized is usually a very difficult process, so it is hard for fans to organize all by themselves. 

To get approval for the coffee truck, many companies request specific information such as location, schedule, time, and the number of people from the filming site and then give their approval. 

Not only does this take a long time, but the information varies and is susceptible to change depending on the filming schedule. This means that it is very difficult for individual fans to communicate changes with the coffee truck agency. 

However, with Creatrip, all of that process is taken care of and you do not need to worry about little details and communication with the coffee truck company. You can send your encouragements to your favorite celebrity hassle-free through us! 

Creatrip controls all communication with the agency, food or coffee truck company, and design team, and informs all parties involved about changes and progress in detail. 

If the case that there are issues with scheduling or issues with the agencies and are unable to get the coffee truck out to the filming site on time, you will be fully refunded including all extra fees. 

Receive actual support materials (banners, etc.) that were used in previous support projects! We can send them via EMS international shipping for selected customers.

Things to Keep In Mind

Labels unavailable for support: SM Entertainment

After completing the support, any remaining amount, including all items (fees, etc.), will be partially refunded.

The support schedule may be delayed or canceled depending on the schedules of the celebrity and agency. In the event of a notification of inability to proceed, a full refund will be issued regardless of the timing.

The cost of Creatrip support includes coffee truck support (approximately 100-200 servings), agency contact fees, service fees, and if necessary, EMS delivery fees, among other expenses.

Based on the received reservation details, Creatrip confirms the feasibility with the agency. Depending on the agency's circumstances, it may take more than a week, and if there is no response for 6 months to 1 year, the support may be canceled.

Most communication regarding the support schedule will be conducted via email. Customers who have applied for support are advised to check their emails regularly. If the response is delayed, there is a high possibility of support cancellation.

The support cost is determined based on the actual shooting schedule and the number of people involved. If the number of people exceeds the initial payment, additional charges may apply.

The type, size, location, and quantity of materials (banners, frames) may vary depending on the assigned support vehicle.

The travel expenses vary depending on the location and are determined according to the cooperating company's own standards. (Support is not available in Jeju region.)

On the day when the support is actually conducted, we will send photos of the actual coffee truck to the customer's contact information (email, phone number, SNS).

If additional snacks are ordered, a preparation period of about 5 days is required as ingredients need to be prepared. If the actual support schedule is tight, it may not be possible to proceed.

Changing to a snack truck or other food truck is not possible.


Creatrip Celebrity Coffee Support Truck
1,400,000 KRW

After the completion of the support project, any remaining amount, including all fees, will be refunded partially.

Communication with Label
50,000 KRW
Contact and communication with management label
Coffee Truck
500,000~800,000 KRW
  1. On-site beverage service (conducted according to the exact support schedule, approximately 100-200 servings).
  2. Support materials (3 banners, mini frames, cup holder stickers).
  3. Business trip expenses of 500,000 to 2,000,000 KRW (based on Seoul city, not available for Jeju region, may vary depending on the filming location).
EMS International Delivery
Depends on package(Approx. 20,000 - 40,000 KRW)

If you wish to have the banners delivered after the support project, we will need the following information:

  • Overseas address
  • Recipient's name
  • Overseas phone number
Creatrip Service Fee
20% of total bill
Creatrip charges a service fee for all agency services, including support project management and EMS shipping. Please note that this fee does not include any agency fees charged by affiliated agencies.

Refund Policy

In case of a simple change of mind, if the cancellation is made within 3 days of reservation, a full refund will be provided. However, if the cancellation is made after 3 days, the refund will be issued minus the agency contact cost.

Please note that the support schedule may be delayed or canceled based on the schedule of the celebrity and agency. In the event of an impossibility to proceed as notified, a full refund will be provided regardless of the timing.

How to Reserve

Step 1
Input Information

Make a reservation on the Creatrip reservation page and input all information in detail.
Step 2
Make the Payment
Please proceed with the full payment for the coffee truck cost and all associated fees.
Step 3
Provide Materials

After making the payment, please send the required materials to help@creatrip.com. The production process will take approximately 7 days.
  1. Support applicant's name: Individual or Group
  2. More than 10 photos of the celebrity (official SNS photos are recommended)
  3. 3-5 support cheering messages: If it is difficult to provide the messages, please indicate "Recommended Messages" instead.

Step 4
Confirm with Management

Based on the received reservation details, Creatrip will verify the feasibility with the agency. Please note that it may take more than a week depending on the agency's circumstances, and if there is no response within 6 months to 1 year, the support may be canceled.

Step 5
Date Assignment

The support will be assigned based on the agency's schedule. Due to a high number of support requests, you may be placed on a waiting list or receive approximate information about the support schedule. The actual shooting schedule and the number of people involved will determine the cost of the support, so additional payment may be required if the number of participants exceeds the initial payment.
  1. Support Confirmed: Once the exact schedule is determined, your reservation status will be updated as confirmed.
  2. Support Not Possible: If it is determined that the support cannot be provided, your reservation will be canceled, and a 100% refund will be issued for the amount paid.
Step 6
On the day of Support
On the day of the support, we will send you actual photos of the completed coffee truck to your contact information (email, phone number, or SNS). You can see how the coffee truck looks like!
Step 7
Settlement Process

If requested, we will deliver the materials for the banners through EMS international shipping. An estimate will be calculated for the number of cups for the coffee truck, as well as Creatrip's fees. Partial refunds will be processed based on the expenses incurred for the support arrangement.

Guide for Preparing Material

#Decor MaterialsRequired Production Materials
(Size example) Top: 2400*600, Left/Right: 1040*1290
*Sizes may vary depending on the assigned support vehicle.
  1. Name of Celebrity: Individual or Group
  2. Celebrity Photos: 10 or more (Official SNS Photos)
  3. Support Message: 3-5 messages (If it's difficult to provide messages, please indicate 'Message Recommendations')
2Decorative Mini Frame (5*7)
3Cup Sleeve Sticker

Decor - Things to Keep In Mind

For the Creatrip celebrity support package, it includes a banner, mini photo frame, and cup holder stickers.

Please note that the type, size, layout, and quantity of the production materials (banner, photo frame) may vary depending on the assigned support vehicle.

After payment, please send the necessary information (name, photo, support messages) to help@creatrip.com. The production process takes approximately 7 days.

If you are applying on behalf of a group rather than an individual, please provide the names of all individuals to be included on the banner. Both the group name and individual names can be included.

We recommend using photos posted on the official communication channel (SNS) of the celebrity. Using photos from other sources may result in rejection by the agency or copyright issues.

Please provide at least 10 photos with suitable resolution that won't be pixelated. Our professional design team will create beautiful designs using the appropriate photos and messages.

If you can provide 3-5 support messages, we will translate and incorporate them into the design. If you have difficulty providing messages, please indicate 'Message Recommendations'.

If you wish to receive the banner after the support is completed, we can arrange EMS international shipping for the banner. The EMS cost will be included in the final quotation.

The decorative mini photo frame is a printed item and does not require separate EMS shipping.

Menu Items

Basic Menu: 1 Drink - 4,000 KRW

Recommended snacks: Homemade cookie 3,000 KRW / King-size muffin 3,000 KRW / Fruit cup 3,500 KRW / Sandwich 4,500 KRW

If you order additional snacks, they need about 5 days to prepare the ingredients. If the support schedule is tight, they may not be able to proceed.

MenuPicture Reference
1 Drink - 4,000 KRW
(Hot/Iced) Americano, Hazelnut Americano, Cafe Latte, Honey Yuzu Tea, Grapefruit Tea, Green Grape-ade, Grapefruit-ade, Hot Chocolate, etc.

(Additional) Homemade Cookie - 3,000 KRW
(Additional) King-sized Muffin - 3,000 KRW
(Additional) Fruit Cup - 3,500 KRW
(Additional) Sandwich - 4,500 KRW
(Additional) Winter Bungeo-ppang - 3,500 KRW (5 red bean/custard pieces per serving)


Actor Lee Sangyoon Support

Actor Yoo Seonho Support

Actress Kim Taeri Support

Actor Lee Junki Support

Celebrity Coffee Support Truck Service

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We hope that you can enjoy suporting your bias! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com! You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea! 

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