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Siyeon Kwon
4 months ago

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During the Covid-19, many fans have felt frustration due to the lack of ability to convey their support and feelings towards their favorite celebrities! 

In Korea, many fans express support to their favorite celebrity by sending a coffee truck. Sometimes they are sent by and individual fan, and in other times they are sent by a fan club or group. This coffee truck is sent to the film set that their favorite celebrity is working at and is a great way to encourage everyone and raise morale on set. 

Coffee trucks are usually sent with the desired individual's photo and name along with the name of the film, movie or play that is being shot and coffee, tea and other drinks are prepared in a large quantity so that everyone including staff members on set can enjoy the drinks. 

You too can send a coffee truck to your bias through us! 

Reserve Coffee Support Truck 

Why We Recommend It

Trying to get a coffee truck organized is usually a very difficult process, so it is hard for fans to organize all by themselves. 

To get approval for the coffee truck, many companies request specific information such as location, schedule, time, and the number of people from the filming site and then give their approval. 

Not only does this take a long time, but the information varies and is susceptible to change depending on the filming schedule. This means that it is very difficult for individual fans to communicate changes with the coffee truck agency. 

However, with Creatrip, all of that process is taken care of and you do not need to worry about little details and communication with the coffee truck company. You can send your encouragements to your favorite celebrity hassle-free through us! 

Creatrip controls all communication with the agency, food or coffee truck company, and design team, and informs all parties involved about changes and progress in detail. 

If the case that there are issues with scheduling or issues with the agencies and are unable to get the coffee truck out to the filming site on time, you will be fully refunded including all extra fees. 


The total cost of the coffee car is broken into a fixed and non fixed cost. You will be billed twice based on the two costs. 

The first billing fee is paid at the time of reservation and the second bill is paid with the reservation is confirmed with the agency. 

1. 1st Billing Fee (fixed): Payment at the Time of Reservation 

Price (KRW)
Coffee Truck 100 Cups Set
500,000 KRW
Coffee Truck 150 Cups Set 
650,000 KRW

[Whats Included]

- Beverage and on-site service costs : Costs incurred in manufacturing and providing beverages on-site 

- Decoration production cost : Costs for making 3 banners, mini frame, and stickers

- Agency Contact Fee : Costs for contacting with the agency 

- Creatrip Service Fee : Fee charged by Creatrip for the services

2. 2nd Billing Fee (not fixed) : Payment After Reservation Confirmation 

Price (KRW)
Coffee Car Travel Expenses

\ 50,000 ~

(This price is based on the location being in downtown Seoul. Price varies by filming location)

Please keep in mind that travel expenses may range from a minimum of 50,000 KRW to a maximum of 200,000 KRW or more, depending on the region. (Delivery is unavailable to the Jeju area) 

Since the travel cost is set according to the supplier's own standards, Creatrip is unable to provide an accurate estimate before. 

Refund Policy


Within 3 Days of Order
After 3 Days of Order
Personal Reasons
Full Refund
Full Refund Excluding Contact Fee
Unable to Proceed With Reservation
Full Refund

In cases where the orderer changes their mind or does not want to proceed due to personal reasons, they can receive a full refund if they cancel within 3 days of their reservation. If 3 days has passed then they will receive a refund excluding contact fees. 

In cases where the coffee truck cannot arrive on site due to the schedule of the celebrity or the agency, the order will receive a full refund when they are notified about their reservation being unable to proceed with. 

Service Process

Step 1

Fill Out Information

Fill out all the required information on Creatrip's reservation page. 

[Required Information]

1) Celebrity you wish to support
2) The schedule you wish to support
(* Please write the name of the TV program / movie / advertisement that is being filmed in which the celebrity will appear in)

Coffee Support Truck Reservation

Step 2


Please pay the first bill which includes the coffee fee, decoration fee, and agency contact fee. 


100 Cups \ 500,000 KRW,
150 Cups \ 650,000 KRW needs to be paid.

Step 3

Confirmation with Agency

After the reservation, Creatrip will check with the agency whether it is possible to proceed with the reservation.
(This step can take around a week depending on the circumstances of the agency.)

Step 4

Confirm Reservation

1)lf the reservation can proceed: A reservation confirmation email will be sent out and information about the next procedure will be carried out. 
2) If reservation cannot proceed: The reservation received will be canceled and 100% of the amount paid will be refunded. 

Step 5
Await Coffee Truck Location Assignment

Once the reservation is confirmed, a support schedule will be assigned according to the priorities of the agency. (this process takes at least 2 weeks) 
If you are placed on a pending offer, please send the following additional information to support@creatrip.com 

1) Name of the group/ individual that will be on the banner 

2) Photo for the banner, stickers, and picture frames (for those with 10 or more photos, official SNS photos are recommended) 

3) Phrases to include when making banners and stickers (recommended by a professional company)

Step 6

Location Assigned & Payment for Travel Expenses

Once the location and schedule for the coffee support truck has been finalized, a second bill will be sent out.  

(The cost of the business trip is set by the coffee company according to the location, accessibility, and the filming site. Therefore we ask for your understanding in the fact that Creatrip cannot provide accurate information on the price of the travel expenses until an actual quotation is given from the company. 

Step 7

Confirm On-Site Photos 

On the date that the coffee support truck is sent out, we will send a photo of the actual coffee truck to the customer's contact information (e-mail, phone number, SNS). You can see everyone enjoying your gift~! 

Decoration Guide 

Ex.) A Coffee Support Truck Sent for Actress Kwon So - Hyun (provided by company)

The main part of the coffee support truck is the ability to customize your coffee car with your own texts and photos. 

If you reserve via Creatrip, you can decorate the follow 5 elements freely. 

If you send us several photos and phrases that you like, our coffee design team in Korea handle the designing process. 

Information Needed 
Top Banner
Phrase, Photo
(Additional Phrases Possible)
Left Banner
Phrase, Photo
(Additional Phrases Possible)
Right Banner
Phrase, Photo
(Additional Phrases Possible)
Mini Decoration Phrase
Cup Holder Sticker
Phrase, Photo
(Additional Phrases Possible)

If you are struggling to come up with a banner phrase and design yourself, a professional design team can help you. Please write "recommend phrase" in the relevant field and the design team will come up with a phrase for you.

Depending on the type of vehicle to be assigned, the number or banners, banner location, banner material, and the number of frames may vary. 

If you send in more than 10 or more photos that you would like to be included, the design team will reprocess them and arrange the photos with the phrases accordingly. 

We recommend using photos that have been uploaded to the celebrity's official social media channel. If the photo is from a different source, the agency may reject it due to copyright issues. 

If you are ordering for group rather than as an individual, please write the names of people you want to be listed on the banner as 'all'. Both the group name and the member names will be listed. 

Coffee Support Truck Menu

On the day of the coffee truck support, the following menus are provided with a limit of 100 or 150 cups depending on the purchase. 





Honey Citron Tea


Green Grape Ade


Americano with Hazelnut


Honey Green Plum Tea






Grapefruit Tea

Grapefruit Ade


Cafe Latte


Lemon Tea


Iced Peach Tea


Cafe Latte with Hazelnut


Green Tangerine Tea


Hot Chocolate


Vanilla Latte


Camomile Tea

Caramel Macchiato

If you are confused about with quantity to choose (100 vs 150) a good estimate is to order 1.5 times the number of on-site staff. 

It is not possible to change the coffee support truck to a food or snack support truck. 

If you would like to deliver uncooked snacks such as homemade cookies, sandwhiches, fruits etc., please contact support@creatrip.com 

Things to Keep In Mind

The full cost will be billed broken down into two payments. The first bill will be paid at the time of reservation, and the second bill will be paid when the reservation is confirmed. 

Please note that travel expenses may range from a minimum of 50,000 KRW to a maximum of 200,000 KRW or more depending on the region that the filming will take place in. (Coffee Support Cars cannot be dispatched to Jeju)

Since the travel cost is set according to the supplier's own standards, Creatrip is unable to provide an accurate estimate. 

In the case of a simple change of mind or refund due to personal reasons, a full refund can be given if it is canceled 3 days after the reservation. After 3 days, a refund can be given excluding the agency contact fee. 

The coffee support truck schedule can be delayed or canceled depending on the schedule of celebrities and their agency. A full refund including all fees is given if unable to proceed with reservation due to a schedule conflict with the celebrity or their agency. 

If it is difficult to determine the text of the banner yourself, ask for a text recommendation. A professional company will write a phrase for the celebrity on your behalf. 

Depending on the type of vehicle assigned, the number of banners, banner material and the number of frames may vary. 

If you send us 10 or more photos of your choice, our design team will reprocess and arrange the photos that match the phrases accordingly. 

Please select a photo posted on the celebrity's official social media. It the photo is from a different source, the agency may reject it due to copyright issues. 

If you are ordering for a group rather than an individual, please write the names of the people you want listed on the banner as "all". Both the group name and member names will be listed. 

If you are confused about which quantity to choose between (100 cups vs 150 cups), please note that an appropriate amount is 1.5 times the number of on-site staff. 

It is not possible to change to a snack or food truck. If you want to deliver uncooked snacks such as homemade cookies, sandwiches, or fruits, please contact support@creatrip.com 

SM Artists do not accept personal Coffee Support Cars so please keep that in mind. 

Reference Photos


Reserve a Coffee Support Truck with Creatrip today! 

Reserve Coffee Support Truck

We hope that through Creatrip, you can send your support and encouragement to your favorite celeb and cheer them on! If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment below or send us an email at support@creatrip.com! Also make sure to follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea! 

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