IU Exposed To COVID-19 At Actor Lee Ji-hoon's Wedding

Was It A Lie That They Checked Vaccination Records Of Attendees?

2 years ago

korean kpop singer iuSource: BizEnter

On November 10th, IU's agency, EDAM Entertainment, stated that she would postpone her schedules and take a COVID-19 test. This is because she attended actor Lee Ji-hoon's wedding and sang a congratulatory song on the 8th. Singer Lim Chang-jung, who was also at the wedding, tested positive for COVID-19 the next day on the 9th.

IU's agency stated that although her paths did not cross with Lim Chang-jung and she left right after singing and used a separate entrance, she will take the test and postpone her schedules as a preemptive measure.

korean singer lim changjungLim Chang-jung (Source: Newsen)

Lee Ji-hoon's wedding has become big news as many other celebrities, like musical actors Kai and Son Jun-ho, were in attendance and all could have been exposed to COVID-19.

Lee Ji-hoon's agency, Jupiter Entertainment, stated he and his wife, Miura Ayane, and managers that were in attendance all tested negative and there have been no additional confirmed cases. They also stated the ceremony was held privately with only family acquaintances attending and was conducted in strict compliance with quarantine guidelines, such as personal partitions and vaccination confirmation.

kpop iu singing at lee jihoon's weddingScreenshot of video of IU singing at the wedding (Source: YouTube Im IU Lee)

Contrary to the agency's statement that it strictly followed the quarantine guidelines, such as confirmation of vaccination, Lim Chang-jung, who sang a wedding song, reportedly had not been vaccinated. However, Lim Chang-jung's side stated they always conduct a self PCR test and make sure to quarantine before any schedules.

In this regard, Jupiter Entertainment replied, "The guests were checked, but it is difficult to comment on Lim Chang-jung."

Fortunately, no additional confirmed cases have been found. However, people have lost trust in Lee Ji-hoon's words that they thoroughly checked attendees, and the excessive three part wedding and photos without masks are causing more controversy. 

This article was paraphrased from: ETodayTenAsia

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