Otsu Seiromushi By BTS Jin's Brother

Our visit to Otsu Seiromushi, famous among ARMY as the restaurant operated by BTS Jin's brother. Come inside with us and find out what the restaurant offers!

Yujin Kim
2 years ago

bts jin's brother's restaurant, otsu seiromushi and a photo of jin

Songlidan-gil, a charming alley filled with small cafes and restaurants, is one of the most popular alleys among locals in Seoul.

Located close to Seokchon Lake and the Lotte Tower, it's a convenient destination for travelers as well.

This time, we visited Otsu Seiromushi, a renowned restaurant especially among ARMY, for being operated by BTS Jin's brother. Jin himself is said to be the representing director (대표이사) of this ravishing eatery.


Address: 서울 송파구 백제고분로45길 30
30 Baekjegobun-ro 45-gil, Songpa-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Hours: 11:30-22:00
Break Time: 15:00-17:30

Prices: Seiromushi for two 42,000 won
Pollack Onigiri (3 pcs) 8,000 won

Seokchon Lake, Jamsil looking towards the Lotte Tower at night.

From Songlidan-gil, you can see Jamsil Lotte Tower, the tallest skyscraper in nation.

An evening alley view looking towards the Lotte Tower in Jamsil

Otsu Seiromushi is not far from the bustles of the Lotte Tower.

A walk along Seokchon Lake from Jamsil Station will lead to Songlidan-gil. The restaurant is situated near the entrance of the alley, so it's quite easy to spot.

Exterior of Otsu Seiromushi, a restaurant operated by BTS Jin's brother in Jamsil, SeoulThe main entrance and sign of Otsu Seiromushi, restaurant owned by BTS Jin's brother

On our visit, the restaurant was full, so we had to fill out the waiting list and wait for a bit. 

There were 10 groups on the waiting list ahead of us, so we waited about an hour to get seated.

If you plan on visiting on weekends or evenings, be prepared to do some waiting!

Inside of Otsu Seiromushi in Jamsil, Seoul, owned by BTS Jin's brother

The interior of the restaurant is warm and clean with wooden touches complementing the beige walls.

The restaurant isn't super big, but we got the impression that they utilize the space very well!

Booth seat for privacy at Otsu Seiromushi, Jamsil, Seoul

We loved that the tables were all booths, giving us a sense of coziness and privacy!

You can easily scan the QR code to order or press the bell to call the wait staff over. It definitely saves the hassle of awkwardly shouting, "Jeogiyo (저기요)!" to call them over. 

Seiromushi served at Otsu Seiromushi in Jamsil, SeoulSeiromushi at Otsu Seiromushi in Seoul, Korea

Seiro Mushi: 42,000 won for two

Their signature is seiro mushi, a Japanese method of steam cooking in a bamboo tray.

Our first impression was that it looks very healthy as the tray is packed with assorted vegetables and meat.

seiro mushi served with pork, beef, assorted vegetables including mushroom, bok choy, cabbage, green onion and more

A closer look at the dish, you see pork neck, hanwoo (premium Korean beef) sirloin, pumpkin, mushroom, bok choy, cabbage and green onion.

Do you see the marbling on the meat and how juicy it looks? We seriously couldn't wait to take our first bite!

Taking a chopstick to grab the meat from seiro mushi

When the tray is served, the lid is closed and the food cooked for 10 minutes. We don't have to keep track of the time, the wait staff wil open the lid when 10 minutes has passed.

Don't forget to try the sauces. Mix and match the ingredients and the sauces for a more variety of flavours.

The beige-coloured sauce is made with sesame and the brown one made with citron ponzu sauce.

Pollack Onigiri served at Otsu Seiromushi, BTS Jin's brother's restaurant in Seoul

Pollack Onigiri (명란 오니기리): 8,000 won for 3 pieces

Otsu Seiromushi also offers sides to fill up your belly even more. Their grilled menus are quite popular too.

We ordered the pollack onigiri (명란 오니기리) as online reviews mentioned it as the eatery's best side menu.

The adorable triangle-shaped rice chunk is topped with pollack mayonnaise, which adds a sweet and salty flavour.

The rice is probably torched as it had a slightly crunchy texture on the outside. It was delicious!

We went in a pair and we were very full by the time we were done. But because the meal consisted of lots of veggies, we didn't feel grossly stuffy. Rather, we felt pleasantly full.

It would be good to take a walk along Seokchon Lake after visiting the restaurant to digest the food a little bit too!

Overall, we would recommend the restaurant to anyone who's visiting Seoul, whether they are ARMY or not, because the atmosphere, food and service were very delightful.

Definitely add this charming restaurant to your Jamsil itinerary and share your experience with us in the comment section below!