Delivery Food in Korea | Order Delivery in Korea without a Korean number or card!

You can also order delivery from all the popular Korean restaurants with a little help from Creatrip!

a year ago

Korea is known for its advanced and efficient delivery culture. You can get basically anything you want to be delivered straight to your door! Today, we are going to introduce how you can also experience some of this delivery culture while in Korea!

Why Use Creatrip For Delivery? 

Unlike other delivery apps, you can order without having to verify your identity with your phone number! (You will need to enter a phone number for the recipient of the delivery) 

You can order even if you do not know Korean. If you have any questions you can contact help@creatrip.com or on LINE @creatrip. We have assistance in Chinese, English, Thai, Japanese, and Korean. 

Creatrip provides a delivery service for the hottest restaurants in Korea! This includes a variety of cuisines including Western, Chinese, Korean, and desserts! 

You can deliver gifts to friends or family members that are in Korea who you are unable to meet due to corona! 

It is convenient because we deliver straight to your home and in front of your accommodation! (It is good to use when you want to eat in the comfort of your home or when having a party with a large gathering!) 

Food delivery can be reserved on the desired date and time and you can also check available dates for delivery beforehand! 

Food Delivery Service 

Whether it is because the weather is bad, or because you have had a busy day, there are many times when we just want to stay at home and be a homebody right? For days like that, use Creatrip's delivery service and get food delivered straight to you! You can enjoy a delicious meal without even leaving the comfort of your home. 

There are around 30 popular restaurants that you can choose from, so you are bound to find something you are craving! We can help you place your order at the restaurant that you desire.

Things to Keep In Mind 

Before ordering, be sure to check the area where food delivery is accepted, the minimum delivery fee, as well as the delivery time as they vary by restaurant. 

Refunds are not possible after the delivery has been processed except for cases where delivery is not possible to the region. In some unusual circumstances, delivery may not be possible to a particular address even when it is within the possible delivery area. To get an accurate consultation of whether delivery is possible to the address, contact us on LINE. 100% refunds are given in cases where the delivery is not possible but the payment was already made.  

You can select the date and time for delivery, and delivery reservations are available from 14:00 to 22:00. (Delivery can arrive 30 minutes before or after the reservation time slot depending on traffic conditions. The reservation time can be modified up to 3 hours before the scheduled delivery time.) 

When ordering, please provide the correct delivery address. (Please make sure to enter the apartment number as well. If you do not receive your order due to the incorrect or incomplete information given, we cannot issue a refund.)

Our Line support line hours of operations are from 13:30-22:00 every day and are available in Chinese, English, Thai, Japanese, and Korean. 

After completing your payment, contact LINE @creatrip with your payment details. This will ensure that the delivery proceeds. Without this, your delivery will not be processed. 

Entering the recipient's name and contact information is mandatory. (Even if the orderer and the recipient are the same people, this section must be filled out again. If delivery is not completed due to incorrect or incomplete information given here, we are unable to issue a refund.) 

Please make sure the recipient can receive the delivery on time. If for any reason you are away and unable to get the delivery, make sure that there is a place to store it. 

Delivery to celebrity's homes, companies, hotel rooms, and school classrooms are not available. (For delivery to a hotel, you will need to receive it at the lobby or hotel entrance as the delivery staff is not able to go up, or you must make sure that the hotel can store it. We are unable to issue a refund in the case that the delivery cannot be completed due to being unable to enter a hotel or being unable to give it to the recipient due to such issues.) 

Orders may be canceled in advance due to bad weather, such as heavy rain or snow, and other unavoidable reasons at the store. 

In some areas, depending on the store, an additional delivery fee occurs on-site after the delivery is completed. This must be paid when the delivery staff arrives. In some cases, credit card payment is not possible, so it is recommended to prepare cash in advance. 

Other reservation information and precautions can be found in detail on the reservation page of the store. 


Chicken is a classic and popular delivery food! This is something that we highly recommend you try when in Korea. 

Among all the Korean chicken brands, the most popular ones are Kyochon, BHC, Nene, BBQ, and Goobnae, all of which are available for delivery on Creatrip! 

Kyochon Chicken 

This is the most popular chicken brand on Creatrip! 

It is said that once you try their signature menu 'Honey Chicken', you will be unable to eat any other type of chicken! 

Order Kyochon Chicken

Goobne Chicken 

Instead of being fried like other types of chicken, Goodne bakes their chicken in the oven, creating a unique and delicious chicken! 

There are a variety of types of chicken you can order at Goobne such as ribs flavored chicken, and crispy red pepper, which is a popular menu item. 

Order Goobne Chicken

BBQ Chicken

BBQ's Golden Olive Chicken is considered to be the best-fried chicken in Korea. 

The Jamaican Barbecue Chicken is made with large chicken legs and a spicy sauce!! This brand of chicken is very popular amongst local Koreans.

Order BBQ Chicken

NeNe Chicken

If you want to try a unique type of chicken NeNe is for you! Many of their menu items are much different from traditional fried chicken that are seen in the West. 

Their popular menu items are the cheese powder topped Snowing Chicken! 

Order NeNe Chicken 

BHC Chicken 

BHC's Bburinkle Chicken is a popular menu item that is frequently seen on many Korean mukbangs! 

Bburinkle Chicken is a menu item that can only be eaten at BHC so we really recommend that you try it in Korea!

Order BHC Delivery 

Guljak Topokki & Chicken

Can't decide between tteokbokki or chicken? Get both! This is Korea's first franchise that offers both chicken and tteokbokki on its menu! 

Chicken and tteokbokki is a popular combination in Korea. You gotta try this place!

Order Guljak Delivery

Puradak Chicken 

Korean fried chicken, but make it gourmet! Puradak thinks outside the box and has unique flavors that could be sold at gourmet restaurants! Get ready to indulge in these insanely addictive flavors! 

60 Gye Chicken 

60 Gye Chicken, mostly know for only frying 60 chickens in each 18 L of oil, so you get to enjoy chicken cooked in clean oil! Order the Horangi Chicken, their signature item!

Korean Food


Samgyupsal, or pork belly, is meat from the belly of a pig that is fatty and savory, and is extremely popular in Korea. Samgyupsal is best paired with soju and is a go-to for company dinners! It's a very simple but delicious meal that both Koreans and foreigners love!

Kimchi Jjigae 

This is a classic Korean food that Koreans enjoy eating in their daily lives. Many Koreans grew up eating this often at home so eating this dish is equivalent to a type of comfort food to Koreans! 

You can enjoy a hearty serving that can feed 2-3 people for just 20,000 won. 

Order Kimchi Jjigae 

Jjim Dalk 

Jjim Dalk is a Korean-style steamed chicken stew that is made with chicken, potatoes, and vermicelli in a soy sauce base. 

For those that struggle with spice, this is the perfect dish! 

Order Jjim Dalk

Jokbal and Bossam 

Jokbal and Bossam are known in Korea as foods that are rich in collagen which helps aid in beautiful and radiant skin! 

It pairs well with kimchi and is wrapped in veggies such as lettuce and perilla leaves! If you like K-BBQ, it might be time to venture out and try some Jokbal and Bossam!

Order Jokbal and Bossam 


This dish is known for being rich in nutrients and medicinal herbs. It is a classic Korean health food.  

Order Samgyetang

Sundae Gukbap

 On a cold day, this sundae stew is the perfect way to warm yourself up! It is loved by many office workers as it is a quick and easy-to-eat dish. 

Order Sundae Gukbap

Juk (Porridge) 

Juk (porridge) is rice that is cooked for a long time and often eaten when Koreans are sick or have indigestion. This is a perfect item to gift to your friend that is not feeling well in Korea. 

Order Juk

Twozzim (Braised Chicken)

Braised chicken is a Korean traditional chicken dish that usually is soy sauce based but at Twozzim, they come out with unique, trendy flavors like their Rose Jjimdak, which is the original dish that started the K-Rose craze.

Order Twozzim

Hanchon Seolleongtang (Beef bone soup)

Chicken soup for the soul? No! Seolleongtang for the soul!
Koreans eat this simple yet rich beef broth dish when they want to warm up their bodies! Order a bowl of Seollleongtang and warm up your body and soul!

Order Seolleongtang

Gamjatang (Pork backbone Stew) 

If you want something meaty and something to warm up your belly, Gamjatang would be perfect for you!

Mainly consisting of the tender meat that's connected to the backbone of the pig, this stew is hearty, flavorful, and has a little kick!

Order Gamjatang

Naengmyeon (Cold noodles) 

A bowl of noodles, but cold! Get the summer must-have dish, Naengmyeon! 

Made with flour or buckwheat, the noodles are served with a cold, icy broth, perfect for a hot summer's day!

Budaejjigae (Korean Army Base Stew)

A tasty, hearty stew with ramen, hotdogs, kimchi, and more! Budae Jjigae will surprise you with how delicious it is! 

Order Budaejjigae

Yoogane Dak Galbi Delivery

The beloved dak galbi chain, Yoogane Dak Galbi. 

Stir-fried chicken with a special sauce made of chili powder and other yummy goodness. 

Order Yoogane

Chicken Feet Delivery

Try something new today and order one of Korea's favorite spicy foods!

Chicken feet cooked in a Korean spicy sauce! Known to be the perfect combination with soju!

Order Chicken Feet

Agujjim/Braised Seafood Delivery

The best way to have seafood in Korea, Agujjim or braised seafood!

Monkfish, otherwise known as Agu in Korea, is braised in a chili sauce with bean sprouts and other vegetables! 

Korean Sashimi Delivery

You can now order and enjoy fresh Korean Sashimi from the comfort of your accommodation! Try out how Koreans like to eat their sashimi now by ordering through Creatrip!


Snack Foods 

Snack Bar Foods (Teacher Kim's Gimbap) 

You can try a variety of Korean snack bar foods such as Gimbap and dumplings! These are light snacks that Koreans love to eat on the go or after school or work. 

Order Teacher Kim's Gimbap 

Tteokbokki (Yeopgi Tteokbokki) 

For those that want to challenge themselves to some spicy food, look no further! This tteokbokki store is known for being incredibly spicy. Even the mild is spicy! 

Are you up for the challenge? 

Order Yeopgi Tteobokki 

Issac's Toast 

This toast is a classic Korean street food and perfect for those looking for a light afternoon snack! 

Order Issac's Toast 

Egg Drop

You might recognize this brand from many K-dramas! They are most famous for their avocado toast. 

Order Egg Drop 

Corndog (Myungrang Hotdog) 

What is commonly referred to as a corndog in the west is known as a hotdog in Korea! Try Korean-style hotdogs with Myungrang Hotdog. The mozzarella potato ones are always a crowd-pleaser. 

Order Myungrang Hotdog 

Rose Tteokbokki

This fun fusion food in Korea has been quickly gaining popularity. The combination of the spicy and creamy sauce along with the chewy rice cakes is taking Korea by storm. 

Order Rose Tteokbokki 

Sinjeon Tteokbokki

Spicy tteokbokki, Korea's favorite snack!

The first tteokbokki branch to get HACCP certification! The tteokbokki franchise that has the most branches in Korea, Sinjeon Tteokbokki!

Order Sinjeon

Samcheop Bunsik

Samcheop Bunsik's Basil Cream Tteokbokki needs to go viral! 
Try their unique range of tteokbokki by ordering it here on Creatrip!

Order Samcheop Bunsik

Western Cuisine


Lotteria is a popular Korean fast-food chain similar to Mcdonald's. They are famous for their french fries and Bulgogi burger, which is only sold in Korea!

Order Lotteria 

Mom's Touch 

Mom's Touch is a Korean chicken fast-food chain. Their menu items range from chicken burgers to chicken nuggets, but they are most well-known for their delicious chicken burgers! 

Order Mom's Touch

Pizza Alvolo 

Only in Korea can you get pizzas that are topped with sausage, shrimp, corn, and sweet potatoes! Korean pizza is probably much different than what you are used to back home, so we recommend trying some while you are here! 

Order Pizza Alvolo 

Burger King

Burger King burgers are on another level. The flame-broiled patties are so flavorful and pair so well with the fresh vegetables and pickles. Order a whopper when you're craving something other than Korean food! 

Chinese Cuisine 

Korean Style Chinese Food

Koreans have been eating their take on Chinese food like jjajangmyeon for decades! 
Have you ever been curious about how Korean Chinese food varies from authentic Korean food? Try some and find out! 

Order Korean Style Chinese Food 

Hong Kong Banjum Delivery

Hong Kong Banjum is a famous Korean-style Chinese franchise that is owned by the famous chef, Baek Jong Won.  

Order Hong Kong Banjum 



If you are trying to stay at home to get some work done but need some coffee, order Ediya Coffee! They are known for having a variety of drink options. 

Order Ediya Coffee 


Korean shaved ice is famous for being topped with a variety of fun ingredients and being diverse in flavors! Try some more classic flavors like Matcha and Injeolmi or try some trending flavors like Macaron, Mango Cheesecake, and Tiramisu!

Order Seolbing

A Twosome Place 

A Twosome Place is known for its delicious cakes! Try a variety of delicious cakes at Twosome! Their cakes are also perfect for a gift for a friend with a birthday. 

Paris Baguette

This is Korea's main bakery! Try out a variety of Korean-style bread, cakes, and salads. They are most famous for their roll cakes. 

Baskin Robbins Cake

Baskin Robbins Korea has many cute Kakao Friends and character-themed ice cream cakes! The Ryan cake and the APeach cake are some of its best sellers. 

Waffle University

Waffle University is our favorite university! This Korean waffle franchise sells waffles filled with a delicious cream filling and a variety of different toppings. Try some Korean-style waffles today. 

Paik's Coffee

If you are looking for an affordable and delicious option for coffee, tea, and drinks, this is the perfect place! 


There are a variety of flavors of donuts at Dunkin that are unique to Korea! Try some of these Korean menu items today! 

Mega MGC Coffee

Mega Coffee is one of Korea's biggest coffee franchises and is widely popular for its large drinks offered at a low price without sacrificing quality. Get your morning coffee delivered to your doorstep!

Mega Coffee Delivery

Present and Cake Delivery Service (via Parcel) 

Have you been unable to attend a friend's birthday or meet your partner in person due to Covid-19 restrictions? 

We also offer gift delivery service for you to deliver surprise gifts to your friends in Korea. You can even deliver flowers and delicious cakes to your friends that are living abroad in Korea! 

Things to Keep In Mind 

Be sure to double-check the delivery area for the product before ordering! 

We cannot set an exact delivery time (The exact delivery time for flowers is unknown, and cakes are delivered sometime between 10:00 and 22:00). 

Orders may be canceled before the delivery time due to bad weather (heavy rain, snow, etc) or due to unforeseen reasons at the shop. 

We are unable to issue refunds on orders that have been processed except in the case that the delivery address is in a region where we are unable to deliver to. 

Be sure to check whether the recipient is able to receive the parcel on the date or time and if there is a storage location for the parcel if you are not able to collect the parcel before ordering. 

When sending a parcel to a Korean, please enter the recipient's name and contact information correctly. We are unable to issue a refund if delivery is not possible due to incorrect contact details. 

Delivery is not possible to celebrity dormitories, hotel rooms, and school classrooms. If you are delivering to a hotel, the delivery staff cannot go up to your room due to security reasons. Before placing your order, confirm with the hotel whether or not the package can be stored with them. 

When entering the address, you must enter the correct room number (ex. room 103). If there is an error in delivery due to failure to enter the room number and just putting in the building name, Creatrip is not responsible and unable to issue a refund. 

The recipient's contact information must be entered as a 'local mobile phone number' in Korea. Delivery is not available for numbers other than mobile phone numbers, like company numbers. 

You can check the available reservation dates by clicking the [Reserve] button. 

On major Korean holidays or public holidays, gifts may arrive two days late due to the circumstances with the Korean courier company. 

When ordering flowers, the type of flower changes depending on the season, so reservations are only available within 11 days. If the type of bouquet you ordered changes, you will be notified via e-mail. In this case, you will be able to change to another type of bouquet. 

If you choose the flowers with card option, please send us the message that you want on the card to help@creatrip.com If you do not send it, we will contact you by email again, and if there is no reply within 24 hours, a blank card will be sent. (Card content form: up to 8 lines, up to 20 characters per line )(including spaces), emoticons are not included in the text). 

If you do not purchase a card when ordering flowers, additional purchases cannot be made after. If you have any other questions, please contact help@creatrip.com or LINE @creatrip. The response time is every day from 13:00 - 22:00 and responses are in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, English, and Korean. 

Cake and Flowers 

Flower Delivery

What better gift to give to a loved one living far away than a bundle of beautiful flowers? For those that have loved ones living far away, we can help deliver flowers free of charge! Cards can also be sent with flowers. Make sure to check the reservation page for details on how to fill out the card. 

Lettering Cake

Express your feelings with a cake! If you want to deliver a cake to your loved one on their special day, click the link below!

We hope that you can enjoy a fun and unique part of Korean culture! Although delivery can be hard for those that do not speak Korean or have a Korean card, with Creatrip, delivering food is simple! Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns by emailing us at help@creatrip.com