Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip

Take a day trip to stunning nature near Seoul!

Sung J LEE
4 years ago

Hey guys! We're CreatripWe bring you info on Korea so you can travel like a local.

There is so much beautiful nature around Seoul! 

This package is for those of you who want to get away from the city for a bit and spend some time taking pictures and just enjoying nature.  


Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip | Information

  • Dumulmeori + Nami Island + Goguryeo Blacksmith's Village + Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park
    Bookings available: Wednesdays, Saturdays
  • The package includes transportation, English/Chinese speaking staff, and entry fees.
    *does not include meals, traveler’s insurance, or other personal expenses.

Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip | Recommended Because

  1. Travel the hidden gems right outside Seoul, from beautiful Nami Island to a Swiss theme park, decorated like Europe.
  2. Get away from the city and enjoy nature.
  3. The English/Chinese speaking staff is there to help out with communication issues.

Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip | Prices

(13 and older)
(3 ~ 12)
(under 3)

*does not include meals, traveler’s insurance, or other personal expenses.

Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip | Schedule

Goguryeo Blacksmith's Village + Nami Island + Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park + Dumulmeori
Booking available on Wednesdays, Saturdays


Hongik Univ. Station exit 4

Myeongdong Station exit 2

Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station exit 10

Goguryeo Blacksmith's Village

Nami Island + Lunch

Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park


Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station

Myeongdong Station

Hongik Univ. Station

*The schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions

Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip | Notes

  • Please book at least two days before the date.
  • Bookings available only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • There must be at least six people to book this package. If you have less than six, then shoot us an email at support@creatrip and we'll let you know available group tour dates.
  • *however, these group tours may be cancelled if the one party cancels.
  • You will get a confirmation email within 24 hours of booking.
  • The packages include transportation and English/Chinese staff.
  • The packages do not include meals, traveler’s insurance, or other personal expenses. 
  • The schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions. 
  • Please let us know in advance if you need accommodation for strollers or wheelchairs.

Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip | Refund Policy

  • Cancellations must be made at least 3 days in advance.
  • Please contact support@creatrip.com to make changes to your booking.

Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip | How to Book

Step. 1

Korea Day Trip | Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip

 Click the "Reserve" button at the bottom of this page.

Step. 2

Please enter your details.

  • Enter the dates, trip option, and pick up location.
  • After submitting, click here to view the booking.

Step. 3

Be on time at your pick up location: the schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions, so please refer to your email voucher.

Pick up location: 07:50 at Hongik Univ. Station exit 4

Pick up location: 08:20 at Myeongdong Station exit 2

Pick up location: 08:30 at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park exit 10

Step. 4


Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip | Preview

1. Dumulmeori

There's no better place to get away from the city than Dumulmeori. Located in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggido, Dumulmeori is where the Namhangang River and Bukhangang River meet. 

It's a calm area that offers a bit of time off from the busy city streets and a chance to enjoy the outdoors. The river and forrest are stunning, and since it's not a far drive from the city, a lot of couples like to go on dates here.

The autumn leaves are bright and beautiful if you come here in October or November.

If the asphalt and concrete are bringing you down, the quiet trails of Dumulmeori is a great place to heal and recharge.  

The area was also a filming location for the K-drama, She Was Pretty. The frame you see behind the couple is a famous photo spot.

Dumulmeori's summer is as beautiful as its autumn! In the summer, Dulmulmeori is thick and dense with green.

Instagram: gomawoyomoments

The Lotus Flower Festival is between June and August. The park is abundant with lily pads and lotus flowers during this period.

You can't leave out food. 

Make sure you try the Dumulmeori Yeon Hot Dogs. All the locals that go to Dumulmeori recommend the hot dog as it's apparently very unique and nothing like what you can get in Seoul.

Instagram: amidoridori

Dumulmeori Location: 경기도 양평군 양서면 양수리

2. Nami Island

Instagram: jihhye_y

Nami Island is a very popular tourist destination. Located in Chuncheon, Gangwondo, Nami Island is a kind of giant garden-park that's beautiful no matter the season.

Another popular area for couples, it's a great area to enjoy nature and take some aesthetic pictures. 


Instagram: ji_eun_65

The island is decorated all around with lights, which you can enjoy walking the forrest trails. The areas with lights put up are especially beautiful to walk around at night!  

Everything is colored red, yellow, and orange come autumn. If you're in Korea between October and November, you might want to check out the autumn nature. 

Another great place to feel the calmness away the city.

Come winter, the island is turned into a winter wonderland, almost like a scene in a movie. 

It's not something you can easily see in Seoul, so places like Nami Island still gets a lot of visitors in the dead of winter. 

If you're here in the winter, you have to try grilled rice cakes and hotteok, which are staple Korean winter street foods. The chewy, sweet snacks make you forget all about the cold.

Nami Island Location: 강원도 춘천시 남산면 남이섬길 1

3. Goguryeo Blacksmith's Village

Goguryeo Blacksmith's Village is located in Achasan Mountain, Gurisi. It's a filming set that's made to look like a village in Goguryeo, a kingdom that existed on the Korean peninsula a thousand years ago. 

Some famous films that have been filmed on this set include The Legend (Taewangsasingi) starring Bae Yong-joon, or A Frozen Flower (Ssanghwajeom) and The Great Battle (Ansiseong) starring Cho In-seong.

It's a little disappointing that the village isn't an actual historical site, but every detail is so well thought out and beautiful that it's still worth visiting.

Furthermore, Goguryeo style houses are supposed to be very different from the typical traditional hanok that we know and love, so it's interesting to see how the filming industry chose to portray that relatively lesser-known era.

Instagram: gmuseuminfo

Instagram: daheesim

Goguryeo Blacksmith's Village: 경기도 구리시 우미내길 41

4. Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park

The last stop on this list of a Swiss theme park. Colorful buildings and cute props are set up to make it feel as if you're in a small Swiss town.

It's also the filming location of B1A4's Solo Day, so it's also a popular destination for B1A4 fans. 

Make sure to take a lot of pictures on the cute streets!  

Instagram: ff_fancyfancy

Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park Location: 경기도 가평군 설악면 다락재로 226-57 

The above was a post on Dumulmeori & Nami Island Day Trip. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to comment below or shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.

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