AREX: Incheon Airport Express Train, ~25% OFF! | Fastest Way to Get to Seoul from Incheon Airport

Hop on the AREX train and arrive at Seoul Station in just 43 minutes!

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After an exhausting trip and finally arriving in Korea at Incheon International Airport, it can be discouraging to learn that getting to Seoul via subway can take around 1 hour and a half! Also, sometimes the subways can get so crowded that you won't be able to get a seat and will have to stand the whole way.  However, there is another option to get into Seoul called the AREX, which is a direct train to Seoul that will get you there in under an hour. If you take the AREX to Incheon Airport, you can check in for your flight at Seoul Station so you won't have to worry about it when you get to the airport!

Tickets for the Incheon Airport Railroad AREX can now be purchased at discounted prices! Tickets for the Incheon Airport AREX direct train (with a travel duration of 43 minutes from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station) are now available through Creatrip. Check out our editor's review on the AREX ride.

Incheon Airport AREX Train (25% off)

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Incheon Airport AREX Train + LG eSIM Package (Additional 10% off)

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Original Price 
Discounted Price
1 Person
10,800 KRW
8,700 KRW
2 Person Package
21,600 KRW
17,400 KRW

*The price is the same for adults and children. 

Why We Recommend It 

It is the fastest direct train connecting Seoul Station and Incheon Airport. From Seoul Station, it takes 43 minutes to get to Terminal 1 and 51 minutes to get to Terminal 2. 

If you depart from Seoul Station and go to Incheon International Airport, you can check in early at Seoul Station City Airport Terminal. 

There is free Wi-Fi on the train and a free cell phone charging service, so you can use the Internet and cell phones conveniently. 

Things to Keep In Mind

This ticket is non-refundable after purchase. 

This is a ticket that can be used within 6 months after purchase on Creatrip. It cannot be used after the expiration date. 

This ticket comes with a QR code voucher that has a 13-digit number that can be entered both online and offline (ticket kiosk) in exchange for a ticket.

After payment, the Creatrip voucher will be sent immediately. The QR code must be exchanged for a ticket and is not considered a ticket itself. 

To use it online, you must make a reservation on the official AREX website first, then be sure to have the mobile ticket and QR code when you ride the AREX.

For offline use, you can make a reservation at the ticket kiosk on-site. Once your reservation is complete, you will receive a physical ticket with a QR code. Please input your 13-digit exchange number or scan the QR code on the ticket vending machine to exchange it for a physical ticket.

When making an online reservation, only one exchange number is applied per ticket. For round trips or reservations for two or more people, please make a reservation for each ticket needed.

After making a reservation online or offline, you can scan the QR code on your ticket at the train gate for immediate entry.

Infants under 6 years old are free of charge when accompanied by a guardian. However, if you want a separate seat, you must purchase an additional ticket.

You can use it regardless of the direction of Seoul Station -Incheon Airport / Incheon Airport - Seoul Station. 

This is a one-way ticket, please purchase two for a round trip. 

This product is exclusively for foreigners and cannot be used by Koreans. 

This ticket is limited to trains between Seoul and Incheon International Airport. 

If you change to a regular subway or go to places other than Seoul Station and International Airport Station an additional fee will be charged at the counter. 

You will receive your Creatrip voucher within 24 hours of payment. The voucher is for exchange for a ticket and is not a boarding ticket. 

If you are unable to board the train for the reserved time slot, it is possible to change the departure time before the original departure time has passed. The first change is free, and after that, a fee of 1,000 KRW will be applied per change (up to 3 changes allowed). 

Details on how to reserve tickets, change reservations, refunds, etc. can be found on the AREX site. 

How to Reserve a Ticket

How to Change Reservation 

How to Refund

Airlines Available at City Airport Terminal 

Customers who have completed check-in and immigration at Seoul Station City Airport Terminal can use the 'departure passage for direct train customers' on the 3rd floor of Incheon International Airport. 

Korean Air 

Asiana Airlines 

Jeju Air 

T'way Air 

Eastar Jet

Jin Air 

AREX Schedule

Seoul Station~Incheon Airport Terminal 1: 43 minutes 

Seoul Station~Incheon Airport Terminal 2: 51 minutes

Incheon → Seoul Station
Seoul Station → Incheon
Departure TimeArrival TimeDeparture TimeArrival Time
Incheon Airport Terminal 
Incheon Airport Terminal 
Seoul StationSeoul StationIncheon Airport Terminal 
Incheon Airport Terminal 

AREX Reservation Process 

Step 1

Reserve your AREX ticket on the Creatrip website. 

Step 2  
Please enter the required information in detail and complete the payment. Your reservation will be confirmed immediately after payment is completed and the voucher below will be issued. 

Step 3 

You can confirm your reservation through the "My Reservation" page 

Step 4

Be sure to use your AREX ticket within the validity period! After going to the AREX site, you can select the desired date.
(For detailed AREX site reservation procedure, please refer to the following chart)

How To Reserve An AREX Ticket

1. Online Reservation

Step. 1
Please search about the train you want to make a reservation for on the AREX site. Depending on the airline you use, you can select either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. Departure date selection can be viewed up to 4 months after today's date. The departure time of the train can be viewed as a time after the current time on the current date. 
Reservations can be made for up to 12 people including adults and children. Infants under the age of 6 are free of charge when accompanied by a guardian. However, if you want a separate seat, you must purchase an additional ticket. 

Step. 2

After checking the train schedule, click 'Reserve Train'.
If there are no available seats, it will be displayed as "Sold Out". 

Step. 3

Select 'Member Purchase / Non Member Purchase' to proceed with the reservation. If you want to keep record of your reservation history, we recommend that you register as a member. 

Step. 4

Seats are assigned automatically when you select a train schedule. Please click 'Next'. If you want to change your seat, you can change it by clicking the 'Change Seat' button. 

Step. 5

Click on 'Select Discounts'. 

Step. 6

Enter the exchange number (13 digits) received on the voucher and proceed with the verification. After authentication is complete, click the 'Confirm' button. 
Step. 7 

After confirming your reservation information, click the 'Pay' button. 
The amount to be paid is displayed as 0 won, as payment has been completed with the verified voucher. 

Step. 8

Your ticket reservation is complete. After your reservation is complete, please click 'Home Ticket' at the bottom. 

Step. 9

A QR code will be generated on the 'Home Ticket', and you can enter immediately by scanning the QR code at the train gate. 
If you want to print or save as a PDF file, click the 'Print' button. 

Step. 10

Print or save as PDF to keep your QR code. 

Step. 11

Check the ticket with the QR code, and scan the QR code at the gate to board the train. For more detailed information, please refer to the User Guide

2. Offline Reservation (On-site)

Step 1

You can purchase AREX tickets at the ticket kiosk on-site as well. Head to the 'Express Train Ticket Vending Machines' to get your tickets.

Step 2

Select your destination (Airport or Seoul).

Step 3

Select the preferred boarding time.

Step 4

Select the number of people that will be boarding. It should be the same as the number of reservations made. Then, you'll be able to select your seats.

Step 5

After selecting your seats, select the option that says 'Exchange a ticket(Voucher)' at the payment stage.

Step 6

Enter the 13-digit serial number you received on your voucher to receive your ticket and QR code.

Step 7

Scan the QR code at the gate and enter.

AREX Boarding Platform 

AREX Direct Train Sign

Follow the signs at the boarding station. 

Seoul Station

1. Seoul Station passengers 
 Boarding at Seoul Station B7 [B7] 
2. Passengers getting off at Seoul Station 
After arriving on the 3rd basement level (B3), go out to the gate and go to the 2nd floor to use the KTX. 
If you want to use the general subway, you can use it after purchasing a separate transportation card. 

Passengers at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 

Board Incheon Airport Terminal 1 B4
More Information 

1. Passengers at Incheon International Terminal 1 Station 
Boarding at Incheon Airport Terminal 2 B3 [B3]

More Information

Incheon Airport AREX Train (25% off)

Reserve Here

Incheon Airport AREX Train + LG eSIM Package (Additional 10% off)

Reserve Package Here

We hope you can have a smooth and easy ride to Seoul on the AREX train! If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com. You can also follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea! 

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