Seongsu & Konkuk University Guide

A complete guide to the hip and trendy Seongsu and Konkuk University area!

3 months ago

Seongsu is becoming increasingly popular among young people in Seoul these days. It used to be a factory area, but over time, it has been reborn into a very trendy and cool neighborhood with lots of restaurants, cafes, and shops!

Konkuk University, which can be shortened to Kondae, is next to Seongsu and is also a busy university area. Many college students often hang out here since there are many restaurants, cafes, and activities, and you can really feel the youthful energy of the area.


Seongsu and Kondae are both on the subway Line 2, but the neighborhoods have different feels.

Seongsu is an area with many hip and sophisticated spots, such as cafe streets and cultural complex buildings. It's fun to walk around and explore the unique charms of the neighborhood. 

seoul forest korea

Nearby Seongsu is Seoul Forest, which is a large 1,150,000m² forest that many locals like to spend weekends at. It's a great place to spend some time taking a walk and relaxing in nature in the middle of the densely packed city.

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Kondae (건대) is the downtown area near Konkuk University. Like other university areas, there are many restaurants, bars, cafes, activities, and shops! Since there are many students in the area, it has a young and dynamic atmosphere.

seoul korea, ttukseom han river park

Near Kondae is Ttukseom Han River Park, which is one of the many parks along the Han River that flows through Seoul. Many people like to spend weekends relaxing at this park with a beautiful view of the river as well! Ttukseom is quite close to Kondae so you could easily plan a visit!


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In the Seongsu and Konkuk University areas, there is a huge variety of restaurants to enjoy. In addition, there's a variety of restaurants that'll be sure to satisfy everyone's tastes, from Western food to Korean food. Check out our food guide for recommendations and operating hours in the link below!

Seongsu and Kondae Food Guide


seoul korea konkuk university cafe cheesecake

Seongsu also has many unique cafes and its own cafe street, so this is a popular area among people seeking aesthetic cafes. It gets pretty crowded on the weekends as many people love to check out different cafes in Seongsu. Kondae cafes also have their own cool vibes and you can find many delicious desserts there. Both neighborhoods are must-visits for people that want to go cafe-hopping!

Seongsu Cafe Guide

Kondae Cafe Guide


seoul korea seoul forest picnic set

From cute picnic sets to making your own cosmetics at Amore Seongsu to board game cafes, there are so many fun activities to do in the area, so choose them based on what you enjoy.

Seongsu and Kondae Activity Guide

Seoul Forest Guide


seoul korea konkuk university shopping

From the Lotte Department Store Konkuk University Branch to street shopping and cultural spaces in Seongsu, there's so much shopping to do! You'll find not only clothes, but also accessories and many other unique items. Check out our shopping guides in the links below:

Seongsu and Kondae Shopping Guide

Common Ground Guide


seoul korea konkuk university station

Seongsu and Konkuk University are both very easily accessible by subway and the airport bus. For a detailed guide, check out the link below!

Seongsu and Kondae Transportation Guide


seoul korea konkuk university hotel

There are many nice hotels in the area where you can relax after a day of exploring! Check out some of our recommendations for hotels and accommodations in the blog below. You can also book accommodations on our site!

Seongsu and Kondae Accommodation Guide

Creatrip Stays

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