Creatrip: Affordable Jackets for Freezing Winter!

Affordable Jackets for Freezing Winter!

Winter in Korea is freezing cold! Take a look at these affordable jacket (Around $100)

4 years ago

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It's almost mid-October! 

The weather is starting to get really cold in Korea. 

Autumn in Korea is not too cold, so you can wear a light jacket and a hoodie.

Starting from December, the temperature drops to below zero degrees Celcius. 

You will catch a cold without a thick winter jacket.

You will be especially worried if you are traveling to Korea from the countries where the temperature never drops below zero.

So today, Creatrip editors gathered a list of affordable yet warm puffer jackets. The jackets we will introduce can be bought with 100,000 Won.

Before we go on, check out our post about the seasonal weather information in Korea and how to dress up accordingly. 

1. Giordano Superlight Half-length Jacket 

(For Men: 128,000 Won/ For Women: 99,800 Won)

@ Giordano Official Website

You can purchase this quality Giordano superlight weight puffer jacket. 

This lightweight jacket is perfect to wear from November to December. 

This jacket is super thin, so you can wear a bigger jacket and put it on as an inner jacket in January and February. 

@ Giordano Official Website

Giordano super lightweight jacket for men only has a dark navy color. 

For women, there are multiple color options: Deep Beige, Burgundy, Black, Cool Grey, and Navy.

Super lightweight jackets are also sold in other SPA brands, such as SPAO, TopTEN, and Eight Seconds. 

If you want to buy similar items at a lower price, you can go either to SPAO and TopTEN.

2. SPAO Long Down Parker (Unisex SPJD74VC13)

Price: 129,000 Won

@ SPAO Website

SPAO Long Down Parker is suitable to wear in January and February. 

It effectively blocks the cold wind in the winter.

The length of the jacket covers more than half of the body to add more warmth and comfort. 

It is also designed to block the wind effectively.

@ SPAO Website

SPAO Long Down Parker is in a unisex design. You can wear as a matching couple outfits. This outfit is available in White, Black, Navy, and Khaki. 

If you want to endure the long, freezing winter days in Korea, SPAO would be a good choice.

3. TopTEN Polaris Long Puffer Jacket 

(For Women: MSX4JP2903 / For Men: MSX4JP1903)

Price: 129,900 Won

@ TopTEN Official Website

Ryu Jun Yeol is the main Model of TopTEN. TopTEN's Polaris Long Puffer Jacket is not expensive and is in a good quality.

The inner fillings of the jacket are duck down.

The duck down jacket is super warm in winter. 

@ TopTEN Official Website

TopTEN Polaris Long Puffer Jacket is divided into Men's and Women's.

The photo is Men's puffer jacket. (Model Name: MSX4JP1903)

It is available in Black, Charcoal, and Navy.

@ TopTEN Official Website

This is Women's. (Model Name: MSX4JP2903)

It is available in Black, Charcoal, Khaki, and White.

I would highly recommend TopTEN Polaris Long Puffer Jacket. This outfit is made of high-quality duck down at a low cost. 

4. 8Seconds Hooded Long Duck Down Puffer Jacket 

(For Men: 139,900 Won)

Hooded Long Down Puffer Jacket

(For Women: 139,900 Won)

@ 8Seconds Official Website

G-Dragon wore this puffer jacket last year and became very popular among Koreans. 

8Seconds's hooded long puffer duck down jacket covers most of the body comfortably. 

Because it is filled with duck down, the jacket is suitable for fighting off cold temperature in winter. 

@ 8Seconds Official Website

8Seconds Long Puffer jacket is divided into Women's and Men's.

The photo above is the Women's puffer jacket. (Model name: 후드 롱 다운패딩)

It is available in Black, Green and Light Grey.

Can you see the slim waistline in the photo?

@ 8Seconds Official Website

This photo is for Men's. (Model Name: 후드 롱 오리털 패딩)

It is available in Black and Ash.

8Seconds hooded puffer jacket contains both cotton and duck down fillings, and is perfect for January and February. I recommend you this jacket as 'the jacket' for winter. 


5. TBJ Half-length Real Down (Unisex T164DW010P)

Price: 249,000 Won

@ SBS <Running Man>

TBJ half-length real down puffer jacket was featured on the Popular Korean TV show SBS <Running Man>.

It is super duper warm! 

@ TBJ Official Website

It effectively blocks cold wind during winter, and can be worn in January and February.

In Korea, this puffer jacket became famous after the BTOB once wore it.

The original price is 240,000 Won, but you can get it at a discounted price (around 100,000 Won) if you visit a factory outlet.

@ TBJ Official Website

TBJ half-length real down is for unisex.

The colors are available in Ivory, Beige, Khaki, Blue, and Black.

If you have plans to visit Korea from January to February, I would highly recommend you to consider buying the TBJ Half-length Real Down Jacket.


Today, Creatrip editors gave you a list of affordable puffer jackets, which are suitable for resisting cold in Korea during winter. 

Frankly speaking, 100,000 Won is a lot of money. 

But if you buy a jacket for less than 100,000 Won, it would be hard to survive freezing cold winter in Korea. 

Try considering these recommended warm puffer jackets and enjoy your time in Korea!