Korea Grand Sale 2023

Get up to 60% off Ski Tours and a Chance to Win a 100,000 KRW Lotte Duty Free Voucher!

Hyelim Moon
2 months ago

Every year, the Korea Visit Committee holds the 'Korea Grand Sale', a festival to promote shopping, culture, and tourism, for foreigners visiting Korea. Following the Korea Grand Sale Summer Promotion in August, Creatrip will be hosting the winter event as well! The Korea Grand Sale 2023 event period is from January 12, 2023 to February 28th, 2023 (48 days), and the Creatrip event will take place from December 21st, 2022 to January 31st (42 days). We have prepared all kinds of benefits to welcome foreigners visiting Korea! Let's check out the event in detail below!

 [ Korea Grand Sale 2023 X Creatrip] 

Main Promotion Details

1. Korea Grand Sale 2023 (2023.01.12~2023.02.28)

The Korea Grand Sale is Korea's representative shopping, culture, and tourism festival for foreigners that love to visit Korea and enjoy its culture. We are opening the Korea Grand Sale 2023 event for you, giving you access to discounts and benefits that are exclusively for foreigners! This event includes benefits for airfare, accommodation, shopping, food, activities, and many more, so if you're curious, head to the official 'Korea Grand Sale' website below!

Korea Grand Sale 2023 Official Site

2. Creatrip Promotions: Up to 60% Off (2022.12.21~2023.01.31)

There are so many activities that you have to try when you come to Korea during the winter. The Creatrip Giveaway Event offers up to 60% off various travel products, including ski tours, Kpop dance classes, BTS tours, and Hanbok experiences!

The Creatrip event starts a little earlier than the official Korea Grand Sale 2023 event, from December 21st, 2022 to January 31st, 2023. Make the most of your time in Korea during the winter with these exclusive discounts offered by Creatrip!

Creatrip Giveaway Event

Creatrip Giveaway Event (2022.12.21~2023.01.09)

If you're not sure what tourist attractions to visit or what activities to do in Korea, check out the Creatrip site for a variety of activities and tours with companies and stores we've partnered with. Through the Creatrip Giveaway Event, 35 purchasers will be given a special gift that is unique to Creatrip through a lottery system. The top 5 winners will receive a 100,000 KRW Lotte Duty Free voucher! Please read through the details below to see how to participate in the event. Don't miss out on these exclusive prizes!

Event Details

Event Period: 2022.12.21~2023.01.09 (Entry is based on date of purchase, not date of use)

Winner Reveal: January 13th, 2023

Participants: Creatrip Giveaway Event Product Purchasers (1 entry per person, chosen by random draw)

Event Prizes

1st Place (5 Winners): Lotte Duty Free Voucher (100,000 KRW) 

2nd Place (5 Winners): Traditional Hanbok Experience (4-Hour Rental)

3rd Place (15 Winners): BeansBins Voucher (10,000 KRW) 

4th Place (10 Winners): Namane Card Voucher (QR Code) 

Things To Keep In Mind

All winners will be contacted individually via email when booking the product. 

If you cannot be contacted through email, your entry may be excluded or canceled.

If you cancel or refund a product you purchased during the event period, your entry will be removed from the giveaway event.

💙 Popular Products 💙

*For the full list of products included in this event and sale prices, check the Creatrip Giveaway Event Page!


Vivaldi Park Ski Tours

This winter, enjoy skiing or sledding at one of the best ski resort facilities near Seoul!

1 Day Elysian Gangchon Ski Tour

Get ski lessons from experts at Elysian, the closest ski resort to Seoul!

Reserve Here

1 Day Eden Valley Ski Resort Trip (Departure from Busan)

Go skiing on a variety of slopes at the only and biggest ski resort in the southern area of Korea!

Reserve Here
1 Day Jisan Forest Ski Resort Trip

Enjoy the amazing snow-covered scenery of the surrounding nature while skiing! 

Reserve Here

Cheongdam Marzia Healing Spa

Give yourself a time of healing and relaxing with a facial and a full-body massage treatment.

Reserve Here

Immune Gongbang Sauna in Myeongdong

Flush out all the toxins from your body and give your body a healthy refresh!

Reserve Here

Seoul Walking Tour

Walking is a very simple yet effective way to stay active! Enjoy the many attractions of Seoul while walking!

Seoul Night Tour Baekje Walking Tour

Nami Island Tour

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Gangwon-do at one of Korea's most famous tourist spots, Nami Island!

Nami Island + Petite France Tour

Nami Island + Petite France + Garden of Morning Calm Tour

Nami Island + Garden of Morning Calm + Rail Bike Tour


K-POP Dance Class

Learn famous K-POP dances firsthand and receive videos and photos of your performance!

Reserve Here

K-POP Recording Studio

Record a K-POP song of your choice with the guidance of an expert at a professional recording studio!

Reserve Here

1 Day BTS Seoul Tour

Follow the footsteps of BTS and visit the places that are meaningful to them in Seoul!

Reserve Here

1 Day BTS Daegu Tour (V & Suga's Hometown)

Aren't you curious about what kind of place V and Suga grew up in? Explore the city of Daegu with BTS!

Reserve Here

2 Days & 1 Night BTS Busan Tour (Jimin & Jungkook's Hometown)

See the place where Jimin and Jungkook spent their childhood in this overnight tour!

Reserve Here


Kimchi Academy

Kimchi is an absolute staple for Koreans. Learn the art of making kimchi firsthand!

Reserve Here

1 Day Seoul Foodie Tour

People all over the world have praised Korean food! Spend a day trying all different kinds of Korean food and experiencing the culture.

Seoul Foodie Tour

Seoul Night View & Late Night Snack Tour

1 Day Seoul Culture Tour

Spend a day learning about the history and culture of Korea's capital, Seoul, while seeing famous landmarks!

Seoul UNESCO World Heritage Tour

Welcome To Korea! Tour

Traditional Culture Experience Tour

1 Day Jeju Traditional Culture Experience

Don't miss this experience to enjoy one of Korea's most famous tourist spots, Jeju Island, to the fullest! Enjoy tour time in Jeju interacting with local Haenyeo and learning how to make your own traditional Jeju liquor!

Haenyeo Experience

Traditional Jeju Liquor Experience

Hanbok Experience

Take beautiful photos dressed in a traditional Korean Hanbok in traditional palaces like Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung!

Princess Hanbok Rental

Palace Fox Hanbok Rental

InKorea Hanbok Rental

Creatrip Giveaway Event (2022.12.21~2023.01.09)

Participate Here

There are many more discounted products you can get during the Creatrip Giveaway Event; a total of 85 products! We hope that all visitors to Korea have a safe and fun trip! If you have any further questions, you can visit the Korea Grand Sale 2023 website or contact us at support@creatrip.com. You can also follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea! Good luck everyone~

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