BTS V & Suga's Hometown Tour in Daegu

Walk the streets that inspired V & Suga!

Eunchae Son
3 months ago

Daegu, one of Korea's largest cities, is home to many celebrities like director Bong Jun-Ho, actress Song Ye Jin, and more! It also happens to be home to BTS's V and Suga, who have paid homage to the city in their songs. Fans often travel to Daegu to walk the streets the superstars have walked and to see where they grew up. On this tour, you will have the chance to do the same and visit sites that have significant meaning to the world-famous band. Stay tuned for more information! 

BTS V & Suga's Hometown Tour in Daegu

BTS Hometown Tour in Daegu | Reserve Here

 Why We Recommend It

Immerse yourself in the arts while visiting Namsan-dong Instrument Alley and Daegu Museum, the best cultural sites Daegu has to offer!

Walk the streets that inspired V & Suga to become part of Korea's biggest boy band! 

Take pictures of the Daesung Elementary school wall art dedicated to V and share it with other Armies.

Things to Keep In Mind

Make a reservation at least 3 days before the departure date.

Cancellation and refunds will be followed by Korea's Domestic Travel Guidelines. For more details, refer to the refund policy below. 

Contact support@creatrip.com if you have questions about the tour. 

When making your reservation, please input which Daegu subway station or hotel you would like to be picked up. The tour will depart from that location.

The tour schedule is subject to change depending on the traffic conditions on the day. 

Infants under 24 months are free of charge but will not be given an extra seat. 

When the driver drops you off at a tourist attraction, you are free to travel as you like and meet the driver at the promised hour. 

If you want a tour guide to guide you around, you can contact support@creatrip.com for a tour guide. (Tour guide fee: 300,000 KRW per day)

Lunch, snacks(water and Korean snacks), a car, and a driver is included in the price.

Travel insurance, personal expenses(shopping, etc.), etc. are not included in the price.

The tour ends at the Seomun Market, so we recommend you find the directions back to your hotel/other accommodation.


1 Person Solo Tour
170,000 KRW
 ≥ 2 People Tour
120,000 KRW (per person)

*Included: Lunch, snacks(water and Korean snacks), a car, and a driver 
*Not included: Travel insurance, personal expenses(shopping, etc.), etc. 
*A tour guide is not included in the price. If you wish for one, contact support@creatrip.com. (Tour guide fee: 300,000 KRW per day)

Refund Policy

*This product follows the Domestic Travel Special Terms and Conditions. Cancellation and change policies are as follows:

Cancellation Date
Amount Refunded
10 days before departure 
100% Refund
7 days before departure
80% Refund
5 days before departure
70% Refund
3 days before departure
60% Refund
2 days before departure
50% Refund
1 day before or on the date of departure
No Refund (Applies for late/no-shows)

How to Reserve

Step 1

Make a reservation on the Creatrip reservation page.
Step 2 

Enter requested information in detail.

Step 3

Pay the full amount.

Step 4

Your reservation will be confirmed within 1-2 business days.

Step 5

Arrive 10 minutes earlier at your designated pick-up location.
(Let the tour operator know where your preferred pick-up location in Daegu is at least one day before the tour.)

Step 6

Meet the tour operator and present your reservation information. 
Get in the car and enjoy your tour!

Tour Schedule


Pick-up and depart for Namsan-dong Instrument Alley and Photozone, and ride Apsan Cablecar 


Lunch (choose between Korean and Western cuisine)


Daegu Museum


Dalseong Park


Daeseong Elementary School

Seomun Market


Namsan-dong Instrument Alley and Photozone 

Namsan-dong Instrument Alley was mentioned in Suga's song "Nevermind" about his underground studio in Namsan-dong. 

Apsan Cablecar

Ride a cable car up Daegu's renowned mountains, Apsan, and enjoy the city view of V & Suga's hometown, Daegu. 

Daegu Museum

BTS's leader RM visited the Daegu Museum to see Lee Gun Hee's(Samsung's founder and ex-CEO) donated exhibition, "Welcome Home: Hyangyeong".

Daseong Elementary School

V's Chinese fan club, Baidu V bar, made a wall of art dedicated to him.

Seomun Market

Eat one of the Daegu boys V & Suga's favorite street snacks, Napjak Mandu! Shop at Daegu's biggest market and buy herbal ingredients, street food, and more! After shopping at Seomun market, the tour is done and you are free to go! 

Get inspired by the culture and arts in Daegu while also visiting Daegu's must-visit spots! 

BTS V & Suga's Hometown Tour in Daegu

BTS Hometown Tour in Daegu | Reserve Here

We hope that you can enjoy getting to know V & Suga more by visiting their hometown, Daegu! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at support@creatrip.com! You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!