Seoul Night Tour: Mangwon-dong, Seongsan Bridge, Namsan Fortress Course

Enjoy the stunning night view of Seoul and its traditional markets through this night tour!

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Have you ever seen Seoul's night view? It boasts a charming, romantic scenery of Seoul's sparkling city life deep into the night. You can enjoy this amazing night view through the Seoul Night Tour! You'll be able to visit many different nighttime view points in the center of Seoul.

Seoul Night Tour: Mangwon-dong, Seongsan Bridge, and Namsan Fortress Course

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Tour Dates: Every day except Mondays

Tour Duration: About 4 hours

Available Languages: Japanese/English/Korean

Why We Recommend It

This tour will take you around famous night view spots in the heart of Seoul.

Mangwon Market is a very popular traditional market - it was even shown on television! 

The vibrancy and livelihood of the Korean citizens really come to life at traditional markets!

Seongsan Bridge is a large bridge that stretches over the Han River and is well known as a date spot. 

The Namsan Fortress Wall is a secret spot located in Namsan Park, where you can get the perfect night view of Seoul's city lights. 

Seoullo 7017 is an overpass located near Seoul station, and is a spot where citizens like to relax while viewing the nighttime scenery. 

Popular K-dramas "Rooftop Prince" and "You Who Came From the Stars" were filmed at Seoullo 7017, so if you're a K-drama fan, this is a must-see!

Things to Keep In Mind

Be sure to make a reservation at least 5 days before departure.

Cancellations can be made up to 3 days before the scheduled tour date with a 100% refund. 

A 50% refund is available up to 2 days before, and there is no refund available for cancellation the day before or the day of the reservation. Please contact support@creatrip.com for any inquiries or changes to the booking. 

Pick-up is only available for hotels located in central Seoul. If your hotel is too far away, you may be asked to arrive at a designated location for pick-up. 

The tour schedule is subject to change based on traffic conditions on the day of the tour. 

Infants under 24 months are free of charge, but will not be provided a separate seat. 

Each location will be explored on foot, so we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. 

This tour includes vehicle transportation and an English/Korean/Japanese guide.

Mangwon Market and World Cup Market have different operating hours for each store, so some stores may not be open.

The N Seoul Tower Observatory is not part of the tour. 


Price (Per Person)
2 People
80,000 KRW
3+ People
70,000 KRW

How to Reserve

Step 1
Make a reservation on the Creatrip reservation page.
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Step 2
Enter the required information in detail and make the full payment. Your reservation will be confirmed in 1-2 business days through email. 
(Reservations can be canceled with a full refund up to 3 days before the tour date.)

Step 3
Please arrive at the appointed location 10 minutes early on the day of the reservation.

Step 4
Meet the tour representative at the appointed location and present your reservation confirmation. Then, board the vehicle and enjoy the tour!


6:30 PM

Pick-up at your accommodation. 
(Time may vary depending on the hotel)

Walking Course

Mangwon Market, World Cup Market → Seongsan Bridge (Night View) → N Seoul Tower → Namsan Park → Seoullo 7017

10:30 PM

Seoul Station or Hoehyeon Station

Please note: 
*You will go from Mangwon Market to N Seoul Tower by car and walk or drive from N Seoul Tower to Seoullo 7017. When traveling by car, you will take a general bus as well - the bus fee is not provided by the tour - you will need to pay it. 

*We will not be entering the N Seoul Tower Observatory.


Mangwon Market


Mangwon Market is near Hongdae and has been a hot spot these days!  It is a traditional market that has been broadcast on TV for its local street foods that are popular amongst Koreans. 

Seongsan Bridge


Seongsan Bridge is one of the many large bridges that pass over the Han River. The bridge is lit up every night and is a popular date spot due to the amazing night view!

N Seoul Tower

The N Seoul Tower is a well-known landmark of Seoul and is located in Namsan. It has a famous night view spot overlooking the entire city of Seoul, and is also a filming location for many K-dramas. Unfortunately, you will not be able to enter the N Seoul Tower Observatory Deck on this tour.

Namsan Park (Namsan Fortress Wall)

Also located in Namsan is Namsan Park, where you can see the Namsan Fortress Wall. The fortress is beautifully lit up at night, making it a wonderful place to walk around while taking in the view, yet it is surprisingly unknown. This makes it a bit of a hidden spot you get to check out! 

Seoullo 7017


Seoul Road 7017 is a walkable overpass that starts in front of Seoul station and connects to Namdaemun Market. There is a lot of greenery planted along the path like a park, so many people enjoy relaxing here.


It is an especially beautiful sight to see during the night as it is extravagantly lit up, so you can enjoy a nice relaxing walk while appreciating the view of central Seoul or Seoul station.

Seoul Night Tour: Mangwon-dong, Seongsan Bridge, Namsan Fortress Course

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The Seoul Night Tour is a great course to see the famous night views of Seoul and have a time of healing and relaxing. We hope you can enjoy a trip around Seoul at these various locations! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at support@creatrip.com! You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!