Hyvaa Finland + Nami Island + Rail Bike Day Tour

Siyeon Kwon
14 days ago

Calling all animal lovers! These days in Korea, many people are flocking to farms instead of zoos to hang out with and observe animals in their natural habitat as opposed to inside the confines of a zoo. At these farms, you can interact with the animals and feed in their own ecosystem. If you are visiting Korea, make sure to get out of the city area and explore these farms! You can do so with this tour! This tour visits other popular attractions nearby such as Chuncheon "Hyvaa Finland" Zoo and Nami Island! 

Hyvaa Finland + Nami Island + Rail Bike Tour

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Why We Recommend It 

We have collected popular tourist destinations near Seoul! It is recommended for those who want to spend a day feeling the beauty of nature with family or friends. 

You can observe animals that are close to nature at "Hyvaa Finland" which is an immersive zoo. In addition to numerous sheep, rabbits, and meerkats, you can also hang out with reptiles! They are all here and you can touch and feed them. 

Nami Island and Gnagchon Rail Bike are the most popular tourist destinations near Seoul. In particular, there are people who visit Nami Island every season because of the beautiful scenery throughout the year. 

Tour Price 

Ticket Type 
Adult (13 Years +)
92,000 KRW
Child (3-12 Years) 
87,000 KRW
Infant (Under 36 months )


Hongik University Station Exit 4
Myeongdong Station Exit 2
Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station Exit 10
Arrive at Nami Island
Depart to Hyvaa Finaland 
Arrive at Hyvaa Finland 
Depart to Gangchon Rail Bike 
Arrive at Gangchon Rail Bike
Depart for Seoul
Get off at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station
Get off at Myeongdong Station 
Get off at Hongik University Station

Things to Keep In Mind 

This tour operates every Monday and Wednesday. 

Please complete the reservation at least two days prior to your departure. 

Your reservation will be confirmed within 1-2 business days after the reservation is complete. 

Please note that reservation changes and cancellations are only possible up to 3 days prior to departure. After that, changes and refunds are not possible. 

If you have any changes to your reservation or if you have any questions, please notify us at support@creatrip.com

This tour includes transportation, an English-speaking guide, Nami Island admission tickets, Hyvaa Finland admission tickets, 1 food basked and a rail bike ticket for 3 people. 

This tour does not include food expenses, travel insurance, or other personal expenses. 

If you pay 5,000 KRW in cash at the Gangchon Rail Bike site you can receive a private rail bike. If you would like to ride the bike only with members of your party you can inform the on-site staff and they can assist you. 

The schedule on the itinerary may change depending on the traffic or weather conditions of the day. 

If you are travelling with a stroller or wheelchair, please. notify support@creatrip.com in advance. 

Reservation Process 

Step 1

Reserve on the Creatrip reservation page

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Step 2

Please enter the required information in detail and complete the payment. 

Step 3

07:20 Hongik University Station Exit 4 

Step 4

08:00 Myeondgong Station Exit 2

Step 5

08:10 Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station Exit 10


Step 6




1. Hyvaa Finland 

The sheep is the mascot of Hyvaa Finland and they are very friendly! If you have a food basket,  be careful because they might want to try out the food! 

In addition to sheep, there are many reptiles and small mammals in Hyvaa Finland. There are many other birds, so you can try bird feeding. If you are not afraid of birds, this is a really fun activity to try. 

You can come and play with the cute animals here at Hyvaa Finland. 

2. Nami Island

Chuncheon Nami Island is a popular tourist destination near Seoul and is a great place for those that want to relax in nature. Each season has a different feeling and atmosphere to it and there are many things to enjoy here. It is a perfect place for families and couples to visit. It is also a great place to take pictures at because of the beautiful scenery/ If you want to take some nice photos make sure to bring your camera here. 

3. Gangchon Rail Bike 

If you ride this rail bike, you can experience the seasons of Korea. It goes through various parts of nature and you are able to immerse yourself in the nature completely! 

In the middle of the tunnel there are also many pretty lights installed. Riding a rail bike is really easy as well so you should give it a try! You can enjoy the scenery as you step on the rail with your friends. 

Hyvaa Finland + Nami Island + Rail Bike Tour

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We hope that you can try out this tour and experience some of the beautiful nature that Korea has to offer! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send us an email at support@creatrip.com! You can also follow us on Instagram, TikTokTwitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!