Creatrip: Sinsa Anteroom | Seoul Hotel Recommendation

Sinsa Anteroom | Seoul Hotel Recommendation

Great accommodations with a rooftop cafe and art exhibit hall in the trendy Garosugil area

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2 months ago

Hotel Anteroom Seoul

 Hotel Anteroom Seoul in located in Sinsa, not far from Garosugil, so there are plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Also important is that it's conveniently located by Sinsa Station, so getting around the city is easy.

Plus the price for this hotel is also great, making this hotel a really good option to keep in mind when visiting Seoul.

Our Visit

Address: 서울 강남구 도산대로 153
153 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Transportation: Sinsa Station (신사역) Exit 8

Hotel Anteroom Seoul entrance

Sinsa is popular area for tourists because of the many cafes, restaurants, and shops in the area. It is a very trendy area, so if you want to know the latest trends in Korea, this area is a must-visit.

Because of this, many people choose accommodations in this area to be close to the action. If you're interested in staying here, we recommend Hotel Anteroom Seoul.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul

Hotel Anteroom Seoul elevators

Hotel Anteroom Seoul is located close to Sinsa Station Exit 8, not far from Garosugil Street.

When you arrive at the hotel, take the elevator to floor B1 to check in as the space on the 1st floor is used for restaurants.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul checking in

Hotel Anteroom Seoul check in area

When the elevator opens onto B1, you might think you've entered a modern art museum, but don't be fooled, it is indeed the check in area for the hotel.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul lobby art

Hotel Anteroom Seoul hotel products

Feel free to take time to enjoy the artwork and take some photos if you want.

Additionally, the hotel has their own organic products for sale such as soap sets and deodorant sprays for clothes.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul check in sheet

Once checked in, we received our key card and room details, along with information on other hotel services.

They do not provide a toothbrush set here, but you can purchase one for 1,000 won if you need and there is also no breakfast.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul room number sign

Hotel Anteroom Seoul hallway

After check-in we went up to our floor. From the distance between doors you can tell the rooms are not very spacious.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul twin room view of beds

Hotel Anteroom Seoul twin room view of door

The room rate here is around 100,000-880,000 won per night, depending on the room type and time of booking.

The room we stayed in was a Twin Room, which was about 90,000 won a night with a promotion, a good price for the extremely popular area.

The room contained all the amenities needed and even though it was not very big, it was well organized so the space was used effectively.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul pajamasHotel Anteroom Seoul bag with slippers and other items

When you travel, you don't want to bring a full suitcase so that you have space to bring back items, right? Well if you stay here, you can leave out your slippers and pajamas, as they provide them.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul kettle, hairdryer, soap set, etc

Also in the room, not only is there a refrigerator, but a kettle, hair dryer, tea, drinking water, and a soap set.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul under bed safe and storageHotel Anteroom Seoul head of bed outlets and lamp

If you bring valuables, you can store them in the safe for your peace of mind.

Also luggage can be stored under the bed so that it doesn't take up precious space.

On the head of the bed there is a USB port to plug your chargers into.

The bed is comfortable, but for tall people, their legs may hang off the end.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul view from the window

From the window of our room we could enjoy a view of the city and street below.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul shower areaHotel Anteroom Seoul toilet area

And as for the bathroom, it is divided into two sides, one for the shower area and one for the toilet area. The shower area has a glass partition to contain the water and keep the rest of the bathroom dry and clean.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul sink counter

Because of the small space, the sink counter is located outside of the bathroom, which is actually very convenient because you can brush your teeth and wash your face while the other person showers.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul TELLER 9.5 entrance

One of the special features of this hotel is the rooftop cafe that is popular among Koreans called TELLERS 9.5.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul Teller 9.5 book sectionHotel Anteroom Seoul teller 9.5 bar

The cafe here has a warm and unique atmosphere, with a cute and cozy book corner.

But unfortunately you can't bring drinks into the book zone. 

Hotel Anteroom Seoul Teller 9.5 indoor seatingHotel Anteroom Seoul Teller 9.5 outdoor seating

The cafe has seating both indoors and outdoors to choose from, but the outdoor area is really the highlight here.

You can sip your drink and gaze out at the Seoul cityscape.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul Teller 9.5 mocktails and cityscape

In the evenings they offer cocktails, so you can also sit and look at the night time view of the city while enjoying a drink.

But for those who don't drink you can order a pretty mocktail made of juice and soda like the ones pictured above. 

As an added bonus, hotel guests get a 10% discount, so don't miss out on this part of the hotel if you stay here!

Hotel Anteroom Seoul Teller 9.5 outdoor seating

Hotel Anteroom Seoul Teller 9.5 outdoor area at night

Taking photos in this spot is a must! Day or night, it's a stunning sight.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul night view from Teller 9.5

Never getting sick of this view!

Hotel Anteroom Seoul Teller 9.5 blankets

And if it gets chilly and windy at night, they have blankets you can borrow as well.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul art hallHotel Anteroom Seoul advertisement for an exhibitionSource: anteroom seoul

Anteroom is also an art venue where artists can display their work.

If you like art, definitely check it out. You can check the exhibition schedule on the hotel's website. 

Hotel Anteroom Seoul

Anteroom Seoul is an excellent hotel option in terms of price, location, and facilities.

Whether traveling with friends, family, or your partner, this hotel can accommodate you and we highly recommend it.

How To Get There

Sinsa Station Exit 8

Take Exit 8 at Sinsa Station.

How to get to Hotel Anteroom Seoul

Walk straight ahead.

How to get to Hotel Anteroom Seoul

When you reach Garosugil, continue straight.

How to get to Hotel Anteroom Seoul: Police station and Uniqlo

Walk past the police station and Uniqlo.

How to get to Hotel Anteroom Seoul

You will see Hotel Anteroom Seoul on the left.

Hotel Anteroom Seoul

That was our review of Hotel Anteroom Seoul in Sinsa.

We had a really great stay and definitely suggest you keep this place in mind when planning your Seoul vacation!