TXT Soobin's Walk Around Seoul | Pizza Express, R.about, & Super Matcha

Recreating TXT Soobin's outing in Sinsa. Enjoy delicious pizza and desserts along the way at Garosu-gil.

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2 years ago

TXT Soobin posing with a black umbrella on the streets of Garosu-gil

TOMORROW X TOGETHER fans can get a glimpse of members' daily lives through their Twitter page. 

Recently, Soobin of TXT posted a walk he took around Seoul on a rainy day.

He stopped by a pizza restaurant called Pizza Express and some cafes.

We really wanted to try the pizza at this restaurant, so we headed out to follow in Soobin's footsteps!

Pizza Express

Pizza Express at Garosu-gil exterior


Address: 서울 강남구 압구정로10길 28
28 Apgujeong-ro 10-gil, Sinsa-dong

Hours: 11:30-22:30

Transportation: 12-minute walk from Sinsa Station (Line 3) Exit 8

Pizza Express is located in Sinsa in Seoul and is easy to get to by subway. It's about a 12-minute walk from exit 8 of Sinsa Station on line 3.

Pizza Express at Garosu-gil banner hangout with Yoo

This restaurant became popular not only through word of mouth but also because it appeared on Yoo Jae-seok's show, Hangout with YooIn the show, Yoo Jae-seok and Jessi stopped by this restaurant to eat some delicious pizza.

Recreating TXT Soobin's umbrella photo outside Pizza Express at Garosu-gil

Recreating TXT Soobin's umbrella photo outside of Pizza Express at Garosu-gil

The unique exterior of Pizza Express with its colorful lights and chairs is a fun place to take pictures. Of course, Soobin made sure to take some pictures here.

Pizza Express at Garosu-gil yellow smiley faced pizza rug

colorful pizza & beer sign at Pizza Express at Garosu-gil

After taking some photos outside, we decided to head inside. Everything inside the restaurant was pizza-themed! There was a pizza carpet on the floor and other decorations on the walls that gave off a fun vibe.

Pizza Express at Garosu-gil entrance with lunch combo posters on the glass walls

lunch combo posters on the glass wall at Pizza Express at Garosu-gil

For visitors who come in on a weekday, there's a special promotion. From Monday to Friday until 3 PM, you can order a lunch combo for 8,000 KRW. The lunch combo comes with two slices of pizza (one pepperoni and one cheese) and a drink. This is a great deal, don't you think?

Counter of Pizza Express restaurant

counter at Pizza Express Garosu-gil

After entering the restaurant, we became excited when we saw all the decorations and heard the music blasting through the speakers. Something important to note, the restaurant has free WiFi. So, you can eat here and browse the internet without worrying about using up your data, which is a major plus. If you need to use the restroom, you can get the door code at the front counter.

Menu at Pizza Express

The menu had pictures and was also available in English, making it convenient for tourists and expats. The menu included pizza, drinks, and sides. We ordered the lunch combo and hot wings.

Interior seating area of Pizza Express

Interior seating area of Pizza Express

Interior seating area of Pizza Express

After ordering, we explored the restaurant. Even though the restaurant opens at 11:30 a.m., we recommend coming in at noon as they need some time to prepare for the day. If you come in right at noon, you'll also be able to avoid the lunch rush. The seating area isn't very large, so there aren't a lot of seats.

Interior of Pizza Express framed poster of a cross made of pizza

The dough is made fresh at the restaurant. So, if you enjoy freshly made pizza, then this restaurant is for you.

Pizza counter at Pizza Express Garosu-gil

Pizza boxes and skateboards on the table at Pizza Express

We really liked the interior of Pizza Express. It had a fun, chill, and urban atmosphere.

Skateboards on display at Pizza Express

Supreme and Simpsons decorations at Pizza Express

Mini football game at Pizza Express

The restaurant is decorated with many colorful skateboards, so it was fun to look at each design. If you're a fan of Supreme, then you'll enjoy looking at all of the Supreme items on display. There are also fun games that you can play like foosball!

girl hugging a punching bag at Pizza Express

Girl playing with punching bags at Pizza Express Garosu-gil

We found this punching bag hanging from the ceiling. We thought we'd burn some calories before we ate our pizzas!

Mini football game on the table while the cook makes pizza at Pizza Express

The kitchen was open for its customers to see the staff making their fresh pizzas.

Seasonings and sauces available at Pizza Express on a table

Toppings and sauces can be found at this self-service table. Just walk up and pick up what you need. You'll find ketchup, hot sauce, parmesan cheese, pepper flakes, and dried oregano.

Pizza, wings and french fries on the table at Pizza Express

After waiting for some time, our orders were finally ready! We were confused when we saw the order of fries. It turns out that the staff misheard our order due to the loud music. So, we ended up getting the lunch combo, hot wings, and french fries.

Pepperoni pizza served on a plate at Pizza Express

A slice of pepperoni pizza next to a hand at Pizza Express

Lunch Combo
8,000 KRW

The lunch combo comes with two pizza slices and a drink. The first slice was the pepperoni pizza. The pizza slices here were very large and huge compared to the size of our hand. It tasted like your classic pepperoni pizza, with just the right amount of melted cheese on it. The flavors of the crust, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni all tasted so good!

Cheese pizza served on a plate at Pizza Express

Next up was the cheese pizza. It came with a lot of cheese, which is perfect for cheese lovers. We recommend eating it while it's still hot. After a while, the cheese will harden, and it won't taste as good.

French fries served on a plate with ketchup at Pizza Express

French Fries
7,000 KRW

We saw orders of french fries at all the other tables! No wonder the restaurant thought we had ordered this. These were perfectly fried, and even after they had cooled, they were still crispy and delicious. For those of you who like french fries, be sure to order these!

Wings serve din a plate at Pizza Express

Hot Wings
12,000 KRW

And now, the hot wings! This was actually our favorite menu item. We liked it even more than the pizza. These hot wings were crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. They were coated in a delicious sauce that tasted amazing.

Lit up pizza sign at Pizza Express on a white wall

Girl posing in front of a lit up sign at Pizza Express

After we were done eating, we made a stop at a popular spot inside the restaurant to take pictures. It was in the corner of the restaurant, and there were red chairs and a colorful pizza sign that lit up. This is a popular spot to take pictures for social media. If you love pizza, we highly recommend that you check out Pizza Express on Garosu-gil. It's definitely worth visiting!

red lit up sign at Pizza Express on the wooden brick walls

R.about & Super Matcha
아러바우트 & 슈퍼말차

Recreating TXT  Soobin's picture with a black umbrella at Garosu-gil

*Please keep in mind that these two cafe locations have been closed.

After leaving the restaurant, we decided to stop and take a picture at another spot where Soobin had taken a picture on his rainy walk in Seoul. When you walk out of the restaurant, turn right, and you'll see this street sign that reads Apgujeong-ro 10-gil (앞구정로 10길 32-28).

TXT Soobin with a black umbrella posing in front of r.about cafe in Garosu-gil

The last place where Soobin took a picture of his walk was in front of the steps of this building.

r.about cafe entrance

Girl posing in front of r.about cafe entrance

If you want to recreate Soobin's photo, we recommend coming at night when the fence is up.

r.about cafe drinks on a plate

two cups of Super Matcha

Inside this building, there are two cafes called r.about and Super Matcha. You can see the signs for these cafes in Soobin's photo. After eating a delicious meal, there's always room for dessert, right? 

girl posing at the stairs of r.about cafe rooftopSource: garogolmok

The rooftop area of this building is very beautiful. We recommend coming in the evening right before sunset for an incredible view of Seoul.

If you're a fan of TXT, don't miss out on following in Soobin's footsteps around Garosu-gil. Garosu-gil is a popular area with many restaurants, cafes, and places to take great pictures. If you want us to visit any other places your favorite K-pop idols have visited, let us know in the comments below!