Chupungryeong Kal Samgyeopsal l A KBBQ Restaurant Loved By Many Kpop Idols

A popular pork belly restaurant that members of NCT, EXO, TWICE, ASTRO, ABIX and many other K-Pop idols visit!

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Front of restaurant - In Seoul, South Korea

If you were to ask at which samgyeopsal restaurant in Seoul you'd most likely spot a Kpop idol, and you'll most likely hear Chupungryeong Kalsamgyeopsal (추풍령칼삼겹살) in Apgujeong. Members from K-pop groups such as NCT, TWICE, SUPER JUNIOR, SHINEE, EXO, CN BLUE, as well as many others, often visit this restaurant serving up delicious pork belly. Idols all love this restaurant because of the wonderful service and the great-tasting food. We visited in person to find out what made this eatery so special.


Address: 서울특별시 강남구 도산대로51길 41 1층입니다
1st floor, 41, Dosan-daero 51-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Hours: Mon-Sat 15:00-23:00 (Last Order 22:30); Closed Sundays

Directions: 6-minute walk from exit 5 of Apgujeong Rodeo Station

Chu Pung Ryon - Storefront

Chupungryeong Kalsamgyeopsal is located in Apgujeong.

Korean Idol signatures on the storefront in Seoul, South Korea

Customer Review Awards and accolades for the restuarant

Autographs of Kpop idols decorate the entrance of this restaurant. In addition to the autographs, there are several Customer Review Award accolades on the door.

Korea idol signature and pictures. Stickers on the front of the restaurant

Signatures and autographs of the Korean idols written on the storefront

Close up photo of the signatures and stickers of kpop idols

This restaurant is located near many entertainment companies such as SM Entertainment and FNC. Because of this, many idols quite often visit this restaurant. The restaurant is particularly popular with NCT fans. In addition to NCT, members from TWICE, GFRIENDS, SHINEE, CN BLUE, SUPER JUNIOR, and WONDER GIRLS have also eaten here.

QR code check in next to the signatures

Signatures and autographs of Korean idolsSignature and autographs of Korean idols

Members of WANNAONE, ASTRO, ABIX, and THE BOYZ have also been here.

Interior of the restaurant featuring the tables with grills built in and diners

People eating and drinking in the restaurant

Despite the crowds of people, the atmosphere at this spacious restaurant here is very comfortable and relaxed.

The menu can be found on the wall with the prices listed. There are pictures, and menu items are written in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese, making it more convenient to order. The restaurant is famous for its samgyeopsal, pork belly, and kimchi jjigae, or kimchi stew. The restaurant owner will always recommend ordering these two dishes together because they make the ultimate pairing.

Side dishes and setup of the grill

After you place your order, your server will bring out your side dishes. They'll also bring the grill pan to your table.

Closeup of the side dishesGarlic and sauces for the meat

Don't these side dishes look so fresh and delicious? The side dishes consist of kimchi, pickled radish, seasoned spring onions, lettuce, sesame leaves, and garlic. As for the dipping sauces, there are three types to choose from ssamjang (쌈장), salt, and injeolmi (인절미).  Ssamjang is a mix of hot pepper paste and soybean paste; it has a bit of a kick and is salty in flavor. Injeolmi is roasted bean powder; it has a nutty and savory flavor.

Pork belly being seasoned by staff

Closeup of the pork belly after being seasoned and ready to cook

Samgyupsal (칼삼겹살)
16,000 KRW per serving

Our samgyupsal order arrived and we couldn't wait to start grilling! Our server seasoned our order with herbs to enhance the aroma of the pork.

pork belly being cooked at the table

Pork belly cooking on the grill

Before grilling the pork, the grill pan is coated with pork grease to prevent any sticking. The park grease also adds more flavor to the meat.

Almost done cooking on the grill

Pork belly ready to eat after being fully cooked on the grill

Your server will periodically come by to check on your pork to ensure that it's being cooked perfectly. Are you getting hungry yet?

Pork belly moved to the side so kimchi can cook in the oil

When the pork is fully cooked, the staff will move it toward the top of the pan to prevent it from burning. They will also grill kimchi for you, which you can eat with your samgyeopsal for the perfect bite. The oil from the pork belly gives the kimchi an incredible flavor.

kimchi jjigae

Kimchi Jjigae (김치찌개)
8,000 KRW

Don't forget about their kimchi jjigae! It is one of the best items on the menu, so we highly recommend it. It has a nice spicy flavor and pairs perfectly with the grilled samgyeopsal. 

Lettuce wrap of the pork belly, kimchi, and seasoned onions

We ate our samgyupsal in a lettuce wrap. For the perfect bite, place a few pieces of pork on top of a piece of lettuce with grilled kimchi, seasoned green onions, and some ssamjang sauce!

Lettuce wrap ready to eat with pork belly and kimchi in sesame leaf

You can also wrap your samgyeopsal in a perilla leaf. This is also very delicious!

Alcohol including beer, wine, soju

The restaurant has a large selection of drinks to choose from. It's very common to see other diners drinking alcohol as they enjoy their food.

Picture of Sehun from EXO signature

When we went to pay, we noticed a signature from EXO's Sehun next to the register. The staff let us take a picture of it! The service here was incredible.

Food display outside of the restaurant

After eating at the restaurant, it is no wonder why idols and local Koreans often come here! Everything is locally sourced, ensuring the freshness and quality of every meal. The food and service are both amazing. Whether you want to try to see an idol or enjoy some delicious pork belly, we recommend visiting Chupungryeong Kalsamyupsal in Apgujeong. Be sure to pin this restaurant for your next visit to Korea!

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