Premium KBBQ Restaurant Donjuda: Visited By GOT7 Mark & Yugyeom

Enjoy delicious grilled pork at a restaurant in Cheongdam visited by the members of GOT7!

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a year ago

GOT7 Yugyeom and Mark at Donjuda

Having KBBQ is an absolute must when you're in Korea!

For all GOT7 fans, there's a delicious KBBQ restaurant that you should definitely visit.

Donjuda is a KBBQ restaurant that was visited by Yugyeom and Mark during a V Live.

Donjuda Yugyeom and Mark eating pork during a V LIVE

Donjuda is a premium pork restaurant located in Cheongdam.

For those of you who tuned in to their V Live, you would've seen the two members grill pork together and eat it.

Donjuda restaurant in Cheongdam building

Donjuda KBBQ restaurant at Cheongdam

The restaurant is easily accessible, it's a 12-minute walk from Cheongdam Station.

You will notice the restaurant right away and it's located on the 2nd floor of a building.

The stairs are located next to the laundry shop in the picture above.

Donjuda KBBQ restaurant in Cheongdam entrance

Donjuda KBBQ Restaurant black and red exterior

You don't have to worry about possibly getting lost as there are signs and directions all around the building.

Just walk upstairs and you'll see a red and black exterior of a store.

Girl writing on the table inside Donjuda KBBQ restaurant

People sitting on tables and eating at Donjuda KBBQ

interior of Donjuda KBBQ restaurant in Cheongdam

You need to register first when walking in with your QR code.

The restaurant is very spacious and there's plenty of air coming in because the large windows are kept open for air circulation. 

This is important for a KBBQ restaurant since you don't want the smell of meat to stick with you throughout the day.

menu on the table at Donjuda KBBQ

The menu is only one page long.

The prices are considered higher than other places because the restaurant uses premium pork.

Each type of pork is 15,000 won per serving and a small octopus is 14,000 won per serving.

Yugyeom and Mark ate pork during their live so we ordered what they did as well.

girl sitting at a table with side dishes at donjuda KBBQ restaurant

side dishes at a table at donjuda KBBQ restaurant

After placing our orders, the staff served our side dishes.

lettuce and sides dishes on the table at donjuda KBBQ restaurant

Allium ochotense on the table at donjuda KBBQ restaurant

There are plenty of side dishes that go well with pork.

There are vegetables you can wrap your pork in such as lettuce and allium ochotense (명이나물).

Allium ochotense (명이나물) is a type of East Asian onion.

I really enjoyed this side dish only available at grilled pork restaurants.

The seasoned spring onions go perfectly with grilled pork as well.

kimchi served as a side dish at Donjuda restaurant

seasoned bean sprouts at Donjuda restaurant

Next up are kimchi and bean sprouts! 

The kimchi at the restaurant was perfectly fermented.

The bean sprouts were seasoned just right.

ssamjang and salt served at Donjuda restaurant

side dishes served at Donjuda restaurant

There is a variety of sauces that you can dip your pork in.

Whether it's ssamjamg, salt, or sesame oil, the restaurant ensures that you're prepared to devour the meal.

It was our first time eating premium pork with sesame sauce with garlic.

It was very unique and delicious. 

premium pork on the grill at Donjuda restaurant

It took some time for the pork to grill but the good thing was that there is less oil. 

The staff helped us grill the meat so we didn't need to worry about the pork being overcooked or burnt. 

You'll be able to eat it when it's cooked just right. 

premium pork on the grill at Donjuda restaurant

premium pork and vegetables on the grill at Donjuda restaurant

Our stomachs started growling when the delicious smell of lightly cooked pork started filling the air.

premium pork on the grill at Donjuda restaurant

premium pork kimchi and bean sprouts on the grill at Donjuda restaurant

Once it's cooked, they will turn off the heat and let it rest on a separate pan.

Then, they will grill the kimchi and the bean sprouts which goes well with the pork!

GOT7 V Live pork and beansprouts at Donjuda restaurant

premium pork wrapped in lettuce at Donjuda restaurant

It was finally time to eat! The tip is to wrap it in lettuce and add seasoned onions with the meat.

It was so delicious! Add a bit of kimchi and ssamjang for extra spices to help with the greasiness of meat.

GOT7 V Live eating meat at Donjuda restaurant

pork wrapped in allium ochotense at Donjuda restaurant

Another way to eat it is how Mark ate it in the live.

The sweet and salty taste of the allium ochotense (명이나물) was the perfect balance to the meat. 

bibim noodles from Donjuda restaurant

cold bibim noodles at Donjuda restaurant

When you're finished eating grilled pork, the ultimate Korean way to wrap up the meal is to enjoy some cold noodles.

We ordered the bibim noodles which was served cold.

It was perfectly sweet and spicy.

We highly recommend ordering cold noodles after eating the meat.

GOT7 Mark and Yugyeom grilling KBBQ at Donjuda restaurant

Let's check out where the members of Got7 sat when they visited the restaurant.

Mark and Yugyeom seats at Donjuda restaurant

girl sitting at the window of Donjuda restaurant

They sat near the front of the restaurant which looks a little different now because they rearranged the layout.

We sat at a table right behind where they sat as you can see from the picture above where the arrow is pointing. 

Donjuda premium pork restaurant at Cheongdam

Donjuda is very popular among Koreans and is also frequented by celebrities. 

If you look at its walls, there are autographs of many Korean celebrities that ate here.

If you are in the area of Seoul, don't forget to stop by with your friends, you won't be disappointed.


Address: 서울 강남구 영동대로138길 9
9, Yeongdong-daeroo, 138-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Mon-Fri: 16:00-23:00
Sat-Sun: 14:00-23:00

Transportation: Cheongdam Station exit 14

How To Get There

Cheongdam Station exit 14 direction to Donjuda restaurant

Walk out of Cheongdam Station exit 14.

Cheongdam Station direction to Donjuda restaurant

From the exit, walk straight past Nonghyup Bank (농협은행).

Cheongdam Streets direction to Donjuda restaurant

Keep walking straight and walk past the gas station. 

Cheongdam streets direction to Donjuda restaurant

Cross the street and turn right.

Walk a little further and you'll see the restaurant on the left.

That concludes our trip to the restaurant visited by GOT7 members.

Cheongdam is a vibrant area where you can even go window shopping after!